Paris is Not in a Good Mood with Zhang Han and Han Qing Zi

Paris is Not in a Good Mood (如果巴黎不快乐) is an upcoming modern drama adapted from the novel written by Bai Jin Hu, telling a deep love story between two individuals. He’s a detailed, rich, every girl’s dream man, just waiting for that fated person to appear. While she was a lawyer who committed crime on behalf of her boyfriend and was sent to prison. The day she’s released, she confronts her boyfriend….now entering marriage with a different girl. Bastard. She starts out lowly in an office position but her ambition for serving people propels her right back as she fights for her lawyer’s license once again. It does sound like Korean drama Secret Love with Hwang Jung Eum with the female lead going to jail.

Oh Zhang Han. You just have to keep trying. If the Korean ban affects any actor, it’s Zhang Han the most, for his four projects feature Korean actresses as his leading ladies. I can’t even feel bad for the guy cause he knowingly promotes and supports the collaborations. Not that they are bad, but you have to think about his fellow Chinese actresses being placed in second lead roles again and again.

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