Premiering Cdramas: Jin Dong’s For My Love, Ethan Ruan’s The Weasel Grave, and more

Because I know you guys need MOAR dramas to watch. Did anyone find the 4th dimension door yet? Most of these are under-the-radar dramas, not mainstream ones.

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Demon Girl unveils 10-minute Trailer at Press Conference

Don’t know why I’m so excited about this drama?!! Please don’t judge me! Lol. It’s like an irrational thirst for dysfunctional story covered by pretty pretty people with endless angst. At least it will be addicting? The only Yumama’s drama that wasn’t addicting to me was Yun Zhong Ge, which defied all of Yu’s factors to be non-stimulating. XD Anyhoo, the 10-minute trailer is packed with spoilers so I will warn you fairly that many deaths are shown in the last 4 minutes. Skip if you don’t want to know. Otherwise, it shows what tragic circumstances befall on our heroine and her family when a jealous rival intends to end her, forcing her to draw blood and ascend the throne to the Demon world. *clasps hands together jubilantly*

*Please be better than the other Demon Girl who failed me. LOL.*

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (24)

If you’re reading this post, I should have arrived at New York already! Taking a small break with a few friends before the holidays. Have a nice weekend everyone! ^__^

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Air Date and Chibi Version Posters for Zhang Han’s The Four

I can’t believe the last time I wrote about this idol detective drama was in 2013. Lol. Time flew by, huh? Well, it finally got an air date now…. because no other time would be this compatible for insanity. *glare*

Starting to worry here…what would they air in the latter half of the year?!!

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Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

TF (8)
Looking angry aren’t we? Who stole ya’ll happypants?

Taking a brief break from my boring lecture notes and how wonderful is it to see colors in motion!? Wee~~!! Upcoming remake of drama The Four, featuring a line of young faces recently releases a 4-minute preview, showcasing their expensive production materials to the fans. In the midst of fighting corruption and upholding justice, our four guards find themselves declaring love and receiving confessions. Who is your favorite pairing?

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Palace 2 releases breath-taking song “Buddha Says”

Palace 2 started airing over this weekend, has anyone seen the first two episodes? Apparently, it is not set in the modern setting, as the ending of Palace 1 suggested. I wonder how the storyline is going to proceed now. The above picture is uber cute…

Anyway, let your ears be romanced by this inspirational song. It brings calmness to my heart after the chaos in the past 4 days.

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