Zhao Jin Mai and Zhang Ling He marry for political reason in costume drama The Princess Royal

The Princess Royal (度华年) is adapted from the novel written by Mo Shu Bai. Go here to see the full compilation of Novel Translation by different groups. It looks like the our couple married young in their first life and it was for political reasons so there was no love between the two. Eventually, they ended up plotting against each other leading to their ultimate demise. When they wake up, they are back to their young selves. So a second-chance kinda story. My boy Ling He is back to dramaland (he didn’t really leave…) so I might just tune in. Plus, Jin Mai is a cutie patootie!

Airing 6/26~

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Mao Xiao Tong and Zhang Bin Bin reunite in heavy-hearted modern drama Yu Sheng You Ya

Yu Sheng You Ya (余生有涯) is a modern drama adapted from the novel written by Mo Shu Bai. It reunites costars Zhang Bin Bing and Mao Xiao Tong. Do you remember which drama they were in together? It’s been so long! Yang Yang’s Love O2O in 2016! Anyway, the topic of the drama is a heavy one – our heroine lives quite an ordinary life and she thinks it would remain that way. Until that one night when her husband forgets to pick her up and she ends up being raped. She dares not speak about the incident; afraid of society’s savage victim-blaming – that she shouldn’t be drinking at the party, that she shouldn’t be wearing a dress, that she has shamed her family and husband. She cries in silence. But her previously divorce-seeking husband sees her suffering and her tears. He holds her hands and tells her that she needs to speak up and press charges. Thus begins her story of justice and healing.

Oof. What a topic. Let’s hope it is handled with care and love. ❤️

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Filming has wrapped: The Legend of Shen Li, Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong, Chang Feng Du, The Demon Hunter’s Romance

I had to stop adding because every day, a new drama wraps up filming. 🤭

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