Opening Themesong MV: Hanson And The Beast, The Monkey King 3, Namiya, Seven of Me, Wong Fei Hung

Is anyone like me? After Princess Wei Young, I can’t seem to shake off the evil sister’s image from Li Xin Ai? Lol. And when she stands next to the death-magnet of dramas like Zhu Yi Long, I keep wanting him to run away! xD Has anyone been able to watch any of the new December dramas?

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Stars in bling bling at Tencent Star Awards 2017

The newbies giving you hearts! The rise to stardom begins!

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Chinese actors and singers perform at Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

With my new job, I don’t have a lot of spare time these days like before, especially on week days. Won’t be able to cut and upload individual clips so you guys have to work those warrior fingers through the scrolling button! Lol.

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Duckweed holds conference with Zhao Li Ying, Deng Chao

Darn the time! When Li Ying‘s available to attend, Eddie Peng is busy. XD Duckweed (乘风破浪) will premiere in exactly one week and they released a music video 2 days ago, sang by Deng Chao, showing a few more scenes and kisses as well. And more behind-the-scene goodness! YESH!

Update: Dear Tranzgeek translated the whole mv for you guys. I personally don’t think much of the lyrics. Lol. The setting of this movie is in the 80s and 90s and women were expected with different things. Plus, Deng Chao, the son, is singing it and we still don’t know the full story.

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Zhao Li Ying confirms movie with Deng Chao, new Eternal Wave Trailer

Ah, so my hunch was correct. Li Ying’s next project is Deng Chao‘s new movie, Ride the Winds, Break the Waves (Cheng Feng Po Lang, 乘风破浪). Though a quickie of the synopsis reveals its an emotional story about the reconciliation between a father and his son directed by Han Han (Easy Life). Do you see a happy smile on my face? Lol. I guess after 5 months of working for Princess Agents, she deserves a break in roles. The other actors include Dong Zi Jian, Li Rong Hao, and some sources say Eddie Freakin Peng!! AHHHHHHHHHHH. A sweet romance with everyone’s favorite movie son is fine with me too. One of my dream pairings!

A few updates of Li Ying after the jump.

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