2017 Year-End & New Year Music Performances from Chinese TV Stations

Last post of 2017! Time to relax and listen to some jamming as we reflect on the year that went by too quickly.

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Wakin Chau sings recent drama themesongs: Eternal Love, ​Prince of Lan Ling, Nirvana in Fire

On live music show, The Next Big Thing, veteran singer Wakin Chau busts out his unique vocals to sing some of the latest drama themesongs. I LOVED IT. He also sings an old tvb themesong as well. My heart was bursting! I can’t imagine sitting there and hearing it live…. whooo ~

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2016 Year-End Music Performances from Chinese TV Stations

Time to let your heart and brain dance and sing for the celebration of a great new year ahead! Chinese broadcasting stations took their turns to invite as many Chinese stars and celebrities as possible to their platform in the last days of 2016. How did it fair? Fairly equal. Find your favorite stars down below. I think it’s a solid end to 2016.

20 minutes to go before the closing of curtains on 2016! Last post is this humongous compilation of videos. Forgive me if there are mistakes….I am holding a drink…or two. ;]

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