Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

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Anyway, it’s time to check back with melo drama, Be With You, an adaptation of Every Step Is Wrong, written by Lan Bai Se, the same author behind Loving Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. I can’t believe the last time I mentioned this series was June of 2015! Time flew and now we’re just waiting for a broadcast date to see a mean CEO Wilber and a broody Xu Lu our for revenge.

The original translation I did last year of the novel: Our female lead, Lin Wei Ling (Xu Lu), had a crushing childhood: she lost her mother very young and lives with her father in a big, empty house, with servants. She usually dresses like a boy just to play with the other boys in her neighborhood. But after they learn of her gender – they no longer allow her into their group. Even though she’s treated like a pearl in her father’s hand, he works days and nights. Then one day, after waiting endlessly for him to show up at the parents’ meeting, she fumes and heads to his company. Just seconds before entering the revolving door, a thud pulls her attention back. Lying bloody on the hood of her family’s car is a man all too familiar. Blood pools and encircles around him, his eyes never leaving her face, as if staring straight into her innocent soul.

The tragedy takes away her father and her ability to talk. She’s left to be taken care by her father’s “friend”. He lives with his wife, a woman with a beautiful smile, and their young son, Hu Qian Yu (Wilber Pan). He torments her, not knowing that she’s actually a girl (WHAT??!!). On the day of her birthday, he hears her crying and singing the happy birthday song. Angry that she lied, he orders his minions to stomp on the poor girl’s cake; the cake that she had to break her piggy bank to buy (kids can be so cruel).

The day he finds out that she’s a girl – such a horrible scene – is when he and his friends beat her up at the tennis court and strips her down to…nothing. That is when she cries, her body shrinking numbly to hide the horror and the embarrassment. He feels bad but he’s more afraid of being found out by his parents so he threatens her not to tell his mother.

When we meet her again, she has spent seven years in America, where she met good friend Yao Yao (Rachel Mao) and her step brother, Yao Jun Mo (Denny Huang) and is on her flight back to China. We get to see her inner workings as an adult. One of her professors once said, the strongest person is the one with beauty, intelligence, and ambition. Wei Ling does not believe that – the strongest person is the one with beauty, intelligence, and lacks a heart.

She returns to take back what is rightfully hers.


Wilber Pan, the male lead.

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With mother played by Tanny Tien Niu.

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Xu Lu (Singles Villa) as Lin Wei Ling.

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OTP Moments.

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Their kiddie selves.

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Rachael Mao Xiao Tong (Miss Unlucky, Love is Back) as the heroine’s best friend and the frenemy CEO’s illegitimate daughter (Denny’s half sister). She’s the total opposite from our heroine – bright and sunny, easy to persuade and pacify. My cutie pie, please be a good friend! She likes our male lead, of course.

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You see what I told you?! Stop hanging around him! There are three other male characters if you must love. Oh wait, three of them are….

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Oh noes. There’s a wedding?! Not looking good.

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Look at those bodies! Lucky Tong Tong! Caught in the middle. Lol.

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The ladies together. So cute.

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Denny Huang (Love Weaves Through A Millennium). The hero’s good friend who meets Lin Wei Ling (Xu Lu) and his stepsister (Rachel Mao) at Yale University. He harbors a crush on Wei Ling for the longest time.

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Such a scandalous position Missy!

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Zhang Jun Ning. In many projects before. One of them being Love Is So beautiful with Yuan Shan Shan. He plays director under our hero. Sincere and hard-working.

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Lol @ Wilber side-eying his friend real hard. XD

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Derek Zhang Xuan Rui. A new face, he’s in the upcoming modern drama Stay With Me with Joe Chen and Nick Wang. His character is described as the helpful assistant to our hero, offering wisdom and humor in the group of friends. So happy he’s not caught in the already complicated love square.

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More shots together.

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A Preview of the new F4 Bromance:

Directed and co-written by Catherine Tsang (Off Pedder, Best Selling Secrets) with two other writers, melo drama Be With You has 44 episodes.

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  1. 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

    I just gotta to say that the preview for the bromance is just perfect!

  2. 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

    The male lead is utterly horrible in character! Just because she is a ‘guy’ it doesn’t mean that he can just bully and humiliate her like that! I wouldn’t even bear the thought of being associated with a guy like that ever! This plot is a total no no for me…

    • 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

      I hope they change it for the drama version. That boy sounds sadistic already as a kid. They have adorable wilber amd make him mean? That cant be good and sarft wont allow such abuse onscreen towards kids. So we are safe. They look sweet in their kiddie versions picture.

      The bromance looks sweet but the love rectangle is not. Omg. 3 guys for one girl?? Unbelievable!!! Rachel is so cute!!!

      • 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

        It’s 4 guys for one girl :))) As I read in the novel, Hu Qian Yu’s assistant is Wei Ling’s ex-boyfriend

  3. 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

    I really hope Rachel gets some love! We all know she’s gonna have her heart broken by Wilber’s character, so I hope she gets her own OTP partner! I know we don’t know a lot of the context, but I hate Wilber’s character already; not only was he a bully who knew no bounds, his adult self also seems to be stringing Rachel’s character along in a relationship (and we all know that won’t end well for Rachel at least). See in some of the group shots (like on the beach) it looks like Rachel’s holding his hand, and I bet the wedding scene is going to be a mess-ending-in-tragedy with Wilber’s character, so I want to gut him already. Doesn’t help that despite knowing Xu Lu’s character has live 3 love interests, and we all know she’s going to break the other two guys’s hearts. It sucks and I kinda hate her already, cuz from the pics, it looks like they’re not just pining for her; they have actual pseudo-relationships with her and she’s not firmly friendzoning any of them; she’s just like stringing them all along with her two feet in three different boats. Esp with the half-bro, she’s got sizzling scenes with him, and love-y-cute scenes with Wilber, like. Don’t go stomping on all their hearts. Love triangles where the lead doesn’t even know who she likes and is sort of loving everyone and allowing them to think she loves them are worse than love triangles with the crazy third party who causes misunderstandings. Because at least those triangles have a mutually loving pair that makes it clear they’re in love instead of this ambiguous I-think-I-love-you-no-wait-you-too thing.

    • 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

      I definitely agreed with you. Don’t understand why the author would want to go down that 3b-1girl route. Rachel is also pining for Vanness in Tang Yan’s Princess drama. That cutie pie is gonna get her heart broken over and over (along with ours.) =/

      I think the way I worded it got you confused. Rachel is Denny’s step sister. Xu Lu meets them while studying abroad. Sorry! X)

      • 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

        Yeah. I think I wasn’t really clear. I mean, Xu Lu has some really hot scenes with Rachel’s half bro and so I hate how it’s implied she might be stringing them all along. She’s got sad, melancholy comfort scenes with the assistant, sizzling scenes with Rachel’s half bro, and in-love stills with Wilbur. It’s not like she’s friendzoning them and they’re pining after her; like no. She’s got unclear relationships with no boundaries with all three. Like, those stills with Rachel’s half-bro don’t look friendzone-like to me.

        • 8 thoughts on “Bromance rises and falls in Wilber Pan’s Be With You

          Definitely stringing them along as part of her revenge plan! You see her on his thighs and all! Sizzling, yes! Lol!

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