Officially Married: Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng, Luo Jin and Tang Yan

I know, I know. I should have talked about the biggest shock of last week but I was away in the mountains, away from technology. So you can pretty much imagine my face when I got home and saw the news of Li Ying’s marriage with Feng Shao Feng that took weibo by storm. I was shocked for days… and by that time I didn’t think it was necessary to write about it anymore. However, one needs closure and this is it. Honestly, I wasn’t ready to let her go… the market but she deserves happiness, just like everyone else.

And today, the sweet couple Luo Jin and Tang Yan also tied the knot with a wedding.

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Love Bug Report: Jing Tian holds hands with Zhang Jike, confirms dating news!

More love birds are formed. You know me, I love to see people dating and in love the most! 😀 For Jing Tian and Chinese table tennis player, Zhang Jike, it was merely a waiting game for them to officially announce it. They had been caught before and Mr. Zhang had written K❤T before on a variety show and had netizens guessing non-stop what he meant by the letters. Today, both had posted on their weibo, tagging each other. T❤K too ~ with a picture of them hand-in-hand walking along the beach.

So Cute.

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Love Bug Report: Lu Han introduces his girlfriend Guan Xiao Tong!

Wow. Weibo is of course exploding. But Lu Han very gently on weibo posts, “Hello everyone, introducing to everyone, this is my girlfriend and tags Guan Xiao Tong.” She replies with hello and smiles and tags him right back. I’m still in a daze. I know they starred in the modern drama Sweet Combat (甜蜜暴击) together but that’s it. Lol. Their studios replied to the posting with hearts so I guess this is the real deal. Congratulations!

EDIT// 11 hours later, I cannot believe the horrific news on weibo about fans committing suicide over the news [true/false, some fans can go extreme]. I understand that young teens are vulnerable when it comes to feelings and heartbreaks but parents/friends/families, please spend time with your kids to help them understand that the person they need to love first and foremost is themselves. Don’t let another person’s business take over your life. Finding love is a beautiful thing so it’s heart-breaking for the new couple to be faced with such public outcry.

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Best Friends Goals: Lin Geng Xin, Wang Li Kun, Mark Zhao, and Gao Yuan Yuan in Japan?

Hee! What a development! It’s public knowledge that Lin Geng Xin and Mark Zhao are best buddies in real life and he has tagged along with Mark and wifey Gao Yuan Yuan on many vacation trips before, but it looks like he isn’t traveling alone anymore! A month or so ago, he was caught with actress Wang Li Kun hanging out, and today, fans uploaded pictures of Mark and his wife in Japan (he maybe is shooting a CF). Right next to the snuggling couple, fans reported Lin Geng Xin and Wang Li Kun were under a separate umbrella ~There was no direct face shots but leave it to investigative fans and clues to lead you right along. LOL. Cnetizens are hilarious.

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Love Bug Report: Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er register their marriage!

Wow. What speedy pace! Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er became familiar when they starred as a couple on Chinese dating show Perhaps Love (如果爱), then they collaborated in Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 as the main OTP. They got together during the drama but didn’t confirm the news until last week on weibo with Xin Bo announcing, “I give us to time; I give myself to you.” The funny thing was he tagged the wrong person and had to delete and post again. LOL. Ying Er replied, “Having you is nice.”

And today, they are caught at the registry. Words in the alleyway is that she’s carrying a baby. ❤

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Love Bug Report: Reply Me 1988’s Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri confirm dating!

OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAWDDDDDDD!! My drama sunken ship has sailed in real life!! Thank-you! Thank-you! The two starred in epic series Reply Me 1988 and Ryu Jun Yeol lost out to Park Bo Gum in the end as the husband to Hye Ri’s character, but alas, heaven is kind to me. Their agency just confirmed two hours ago.

Bestest news I have read at 2 AM. Okay, I can sleep now. 😍😍😍

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