Zhou Dong Yu And Xu Kai confirmed as leads in Ancient Love Poetry (Shang Gu)

Yay! A cute pairing! Ancient Love Poetry is adapted from the novel Shang Gu (上古) written by Xing Ling and the production team has recently confirmed the leads in Zhou Dong Yu and Xu Kai. The story follows one of the four Immortals named Shang Gu who falls into a deep slumber after sacrificing herself in a trial 60,000 years ago. She wakes up with no memories of the past. But someone else hasn’t forgotten about their love, another immortal who waited for her, our male lead played by Xu Kai. Their epic love story undergoes several rounds of life and death (you don’t say). This is the generic synopsis from Baidu…. I’m distracted by the nice weather as I failed to read a little bit about the novel. Has anyone read this novel and can spill some beans? Lol.

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