Cold and disciplined Gong Jun meets sunshiny Zhang Hui Wen in The Flaming Heart

Hope you didn’t miss Gong Jun too much cause he’s back on the small screen with new modern drama The Flaming Heart (你好,火焰蓝) with Zhang Hui Wen, Zhou Yan Chen, Wang Zi Wei, and Pang Han Chen. Its a romance between a disciplined fire fighter and kind, “sunshiny” doctor. Seems like this year’s theme in dramaland goes parallel with the global pandemic, highlighting the various critical jobs in time of disasters/hardships.

Airing 7/8~

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Zhou Yan Chen meets cross-dressed Xu Hao in Celestial Authority Academy

Celestial Authority Academy (通天书院) is adapted from the novel written by Shu Lan. The story follows the hi-jinks that take place at the renowned Tong Tian Academy, established by the big four royal families for privileged kids. Our female lead (Xu Hao) is a popular writer that has fans lining up, including the Queen. Because of her popularity, she’s accepted into Tong Tian Academy cross-dressing as a male. There she meets the four trouble makers, starting with our male lead, played by Zhou Yan Chen. Why does this feel like a watered down version of Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Lol.

Airing 2/25 (If you’re VIP, you get the full series) ~

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Chen Hao Yu and Zhuang Da Fei in I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You

I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You (我才不要和你做朋友呢) is a modern drama that features a time-traveling portion. Our female lead is a 17 years old high school student played by Zhuang Da Fei who grew up living with her single mom, played by Chen Hao Yu. For whatever reason we don’t know, she’s transported back in time and becomes classmate with her mom when she was 17 years old. This sound like Taiwanese drama Back to 1989 but we have a clearer purpose there on the importance of his trip back in time (still I dropped it! Lol.) I like that this time, it’s a mother-daughter duo. She learns about her mother’s bravery and sensibility, which helps solves the knots between them in the present.

Airing 5/19!

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More Dramas to Air In July: Love and Destiny, Another Me, The Birth of The Drama King, That Summer The Wind Blows

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