Trailers Galore: Upcoming Cdramas, Movies, Shows 2016 (1)

Take this as a mini batch updates for trailers. XD

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The Rise of A Tomboy drops endearing first trailer

YAY! Exciting news ahead! The Rise of A Tomboy not only drops its first trailer but also a release date that is closer than we think! Mark your calendar! March 18th, 2016! After all the tears in her recent dramas, I’m ready for some good old rom-com hijinks and laughter! The trailer is so cute and no one shall mess with her! Keep working hard our little bun. 🙂

NOTE: ADDED SECOND TRAILER 2/24/16. Our OTP and their awkward dancing!


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Zhao Li Ying and her amusing antics in The Rise of A Tomboy

Gosh! I want this in mah life!! It’s been almost a year since I last talked about this movie! And still there is no premiere date? Should’ve released it on Valentine’s Day so I could have something to look forward to other than frozen pipes (freezing around here BURRR). At least give me a trailer or something. T____T Anyhoo, my our girl continues to look crazy in the new batch of compiled stills. Love that she went all out. heh. And I still find her adorable!

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Chinese New Year Shows From Various TV Stations

Happy Chinese New Year! Gung Hei Fat Choy everyone!! I’m at the age of giving out li xi (red envelope, lucky money) instead of receiving them now. LOL. You don’t know you have THAT many cousins until they line up after you. XD

Another compilation. Trying my best as they air on different days, so let me know if I missed your favorites. HNTV is airing tomorrow. But CCTV blew me away with their stage designs and big stars.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (12)

How about some news round-up?

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The Rise of A Tomboy: umbrella hand-offs in first official stills

I know, I know, so many ZLY’s news! I’m excited ’cause she’s been filming constantly this past year yet nothing came out. This is her summer to shine! In this first batch of official stills, you get a look at the three main leads. Zhao Li Ying giving Zhang Han her umbrella and leaving with Jung Il Woo under his umbrella. Everyone’s happy and dry (except for one)! You know you’re waiting for the wrong person when you’re soaked like ZH! Girls and boys, be smart! Always bring your own umbrella!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (10)

This is just a mini version of my usual long C-news post…. much shorter… -snickers-

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