53rd Golden Horse Awards

Are you ready to see your favorite stars glitter down the red carpet for the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on November 26th, 2016? Even if you don’t win an award, a spot in light is always nice exposure. 😀

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Stars light up the red carpet at Bazaar Star Charity Night 2015

Just pretty pictures. Lots of them. XD

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The Third Way of Love becomes the real way of love for Liu Yi Fei and Song Seung Hun

He got his eyes on you now!

Are they not this year’s most gorgeous couple? YEP. The two starred in the movie adaptation of Di San Zhong Ai Qing by Zi You Xing Zou, an intense love story between a rich chaebol and a beautiful attorney. Song’s agency have come out and confirmed that they are in the stage of getting to know each other, please look at them kindly. They did not date during the movie but kept in contact after the movie and was caught on a date last night by Chinese paps!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (12)

How about some news round-up?

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5th Beijing International Film Festival

This is like the best time to check out what movies your favorite stars are in! And how entertaining it is for them to pick which movie to represent if they have more than one! HAR-HAR. It’s funny that some of them actually changed and then walked again for their other movie. 😉 Time to bust out those gowns and jewelries!

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When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

 photo WAML1-18.jpg
SSH: My smile makes even a man jealous.

No, this is not a recap or a thoughtful analysis of the premiere episode. It’s just a series of screen captures, telling you the plot in less than 7 minutes. Ha. I was bored and photoshop was open so I just followed the drumming of my fingers. Hope some of you like it one way or the other. The snerky voice is there for entertainment. 😉

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