Kang Tae Oh, Nha Phuong mature beautifully in Forever Young 2

Wow, I can’t believe how much these two have grown! She lost that soft, youthful bounce and he has developed some muscles. This is one of the first Vietnamese dramas I wrote about two years ago [Read here.] They started filming Forever Young Season 2 this past May and had already wrapped up filming with an air date in line. Season 2 will dish out some answers to the open-ended relationship between Kpop fangirl played by Nha Phuong, and her Korean to-be boyfriend played by Kang Tae Oh. However, new characters and love interests will throw more wrenches in their relationship. The director revealed how fans will definitely root for our female lead this season.

I don’t know much else but the OTP pictures are simply romantic and dreamy.

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Vietnamese Version of Just One Smile is Very Alluring

The Vietnamese adaptation of Gu Man’s novel, Just One Smile is Very Alluring, is called Love At 1st Sight. I think it’s always nice to see what different directors choose to do with their budget and actors to bring the characters and story to life. The teasers look really cute but don’t provide anything about the gaming world so I hope they are saving the best for last!

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Trailers Galore: Upcoming Cdramas, Movies, Shows 2016 (1)

Take this as a mini batch updates for trailers. XD

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Beautiful Posters for Vietnamese Version of Hua Qian Gu

Whenever I see extension of this drama, I whip out my mic and sing a chicken rendition of “Let it go~~~ Let it go~~~quack quack!”

However, I’m thoroughly impressed with the girl they chose to play Hua Qian Gu. She looks a bit older but has an edgy maturity and a beautiful face on top of that. She could’ve played the older version of Hua Qian Gu and I would be okay. The actor playing Bai Zi Hua has better hair that Wallace. Lol. The problem is when I scrolled down and saw the holy broomstick on the actor playing Sha Jie Jie. Moly.

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Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

Interesting. Awkward. Trendy. The cross-country acting gigs among Asian countries are becoming popular these days. And I can never wrap my head around the whole situation with them not speaking the same language and relying on translators. What about the chemistry and the connection? I could imagine them skipping lines and speaking about different things in the same scene. Lol. Good thing these chosen cast members are experienced in that area. Latest on the list which has been steadily filming since August is idol drama, Forever Young, co-produced by Vietnam Television (VTV) Film Center and CJ E&M Pictures. Officials stills and a trailer are dropped below the cut.

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