Cdrama Trailers: iQiyi’s dramas, Hunan’s dramas, My Robot Boyfriend, No Secrets, The Galloped Era

This is gonna be trailers galore folks. I’m serious. Both Qiyi and HNTV had their quarterly event the past two days and had been showing off their next batch of dramas to screen! Plus, just a few more dramas for October ~~

Long gone are the days I can focus on one drama per post. xD

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=======> ♦ My Robot Boyfriend (我的机器人男友) with Jiang Chao and Mao Xiao Tong to air on 10/21. That ferris wheel background is in a lot of modern dramas…. Lol.

=======> ♦ A Thing Called First Love (初恋那件小事) with Lai Kuan Lin and Zhao Jin Mai. To air on 10/23. Remake of Thai Film Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

=======> ♦ No Secrets (没有秘密的你) with Jin Han and Qi Wei. Chinese remake of Kdrama I Hear Your Voice with Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk. To air on 10/17.

=======> ♦ The Galloped Era (奔腾年代) with Tong Da Wei and Jiang Xin to air on 10/22. A story about trains! Where’s Sheldon?

=======> ♦ Sword Dynastyy (剑王朝) with Li Yi Tong and Li Xian. I can’t take Li Xian seriously with that floppy piglet’s tail for a hair. GRUHHHHH.

=======> ♦ Ping Pong (荣耀乒乓) with Bai Jing Ting and Xu Wei Zhou.

=======> ♦ Detective Chinatown (唐人街探案) with Roy Chiu and Janine Chang. Oh…This is how his pursuit was planted…

=======> ♦ My Roommate is A Detective (民国奇探) with Zhang Yun Long and Hu Yi Tian. Leo is born to wear uniform. 😉

=======> ♦ Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou (海棠经雨胭脂透) with Deng Lun and Li Yi Tong. Another same trailer released…airing soon? Li Yi Tong has the most dramas waiting to air I believe. Lol. Workaholic girl!

=======> ♦ Youku Webdrama Sweet Tai Chi (淑女飘飘拳) with Bi Wen Jun and Sun Qian. Why do they look so cute.

=======> ♦ Fancam of The Lost Tomb Roboot (盗墓笔记重启) with Zhu Yi Long, Mao Xiao Tong, and Baron Chen.

=======> ♦ Sneaked Peek of HNTV line-up in one video:

Ming Dynasty (大明风华) with Tang Wei and Zhu Ya Wen.
Held In The Lonely Castle (孤城闭) with Wang Kai and Maggie Jiang.
Hunting (猎狐) with Wang Kai and Wang Ou.
– HNTV shamelessly using fan-edited photos for The Legend of Fei with Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo. *shakes head*
Chinese Bestiary (山海经之上古密约) with Wu Lei and Song Zu Er.
Perfect Partner (完美关系) with Huang Xuan and Tong Li Ya.
Love Advanced Customization (爱情高级定制) with Dilreba and Huang Jing Yu.
Find Yourself (下一站是幸福) with Song Qian and Song Wei Long. Should be renamed to Find them Kisses! hehe.
The Oath of Love (余生请多指教) with Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan.
Unfazed at Twenty (二十不惑) with Guan Xiao Tong, Bu Guan Jin, and Li Geng Xi.
– Remake of Japanese’s Nodame Cantabile is Symphony’s Romance (蜗牛与黄鹂鸟) with Zhang Xin Cheng and Lin Yun. Unexpected choices and pairing.

=======> ♦ Fancam of Qiyi’s Lineup:

Hot Blooded Youth (热血少年) with Huang Zi Tao and Zhang Xue Ying. To air 10/22.
Everyone Wants To Meet You (谁都渴望遇见你) with Zhang Zhe Han and Zhang Ruo Nan.
Legend of Awakening (天醒之路) with Cheng Xiao and Chen Fei Yu.
Court Lady (大唐女儿行) with Li Yi Tong and Xu Kai.
The Lion’s Secret (赖猫的狮子倒影) with Yang Zi Shan and Zhu Ya Wen.
The Storm (风暴舞) with William Chan and Gulnazar (hey lady, why are you blocking the fancam!)
Spirit Realm/Ling Yu (灵域) with Fan Cheng Cheng and Cheng Xiao. [Individual Official Trailer HQ] – The Long Night (长夜难明) with Bai Yu and Liao Fan.
In A Class of Her Own (云上学堂) with Ju Jing Yi and Song Wei Long.
We Are All Alone (怪你过分美丽) with Qin Lan and Godfrey Gao. [Individual Official Trailer HQ]

  1. One thought on “Cdrama Trailers: iQiyi’s dramas, Hunan’s dramas, My Robot Boyfriend, No Secrets, The Galloped Era

    Hmm I’m actually oddly excited for Ping Pong. Actually, knowing me, it’s not odd. I have a huge soft spot for sports themed dramas, but mostly they’ve been pretty poorly done in China (not always but the ratio of good to bad is very low). Ping Pong looks really legit, like they’re really going to be telling a story about the sports, the people, and the strive to win (and not like, actually just being a romcom of some sort…yeah…).

    Both super excited and super super hesitant to be excited about Lost Tomb Reboot. It looks pretty good, I like Zhu YiLong obv, but like…the Lost Tomb drama franchise has a SERIOUSLY terrible track record. And I heard from people (not having gotten to that book myself), the the reboot book itself was a really disappointing addition to the book series. So…yeah, hesitant.

    Also interested in Hunting (actually, more than Lonely Castle bc even tho Lonely Castle will prob be amazing, I’m just not in the mood for it…actually in general it’s not really my genre) and surprisingly, Chinese Bestiary. Mostly bc WuLei and Song ZuEr (despite WuLei’s last similar-drama being like, pretty horrible). The genre is totally up my alley also. BUT again, kind of hesitant, because the track record for this genre is also pretty meh. Also, the nicer the promo stills look, the more nervous I get.
    Wow the cdrama industry has really traumatized its audience with consistent letdowns and disappointments hasn’t it?

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