Cdramas Airing This Week: Beauty of Resilience, Prosecution Elite, A Date With the Future, Where Dreams Begin, and more!

Sorry for the lack of updates!

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Guo Jun Chen and Kang Ning resolve past debts and mysteries in Bai Ling Tan

Bai Ling Tan (百灵潭) is adapted from the novel written by Wu Yu. Our male lead is an immortal tasked with guarding the demons but due to one mistake, he’s punished and becomes the demon leader at Hundred Spirits Lake. One day, a hapless princess falls into the lake and carries a book which contains stories of the past. The two of them begin an exciting story into the past to uncover mysteries and solve past debts.

Airing 8/22~

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New Dramas Begin Filming: Ju Jing Yi’s Hua Rong, Angelababy’s Love The Way You Are, Song Yi Ren’s Different Princess, Chen Yu Qi’s Fu Tu Tower, and more!

A lot of dramas began filming this week, here are some with good, decent booting ceremony pictures.

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Song Yi Ren time-travels in Her Fantastic Adventures and meets Guo Jun Chen

Amy has translated the synopsis: Discus athlete Qi Chun Jiao’s life is met with a series of failures as her career is abruptly put on hold, her confession towards her first love is met with no reply, and the estrangement from her mother. A sudden accidental head injury allows her to transmigrate into the body of Gu Qing Qiao, a pampered daughter from ancient times. She simultaneously falls in love with Duan Yu and his nephew, Duan Shao Yi. Her best male friend Lu Zi Zheng and the team doctor, Ruan Si Qiong have also transmigrated into different identities and their friendships begin again in this alternate universe. In this legendary adventure of exploring the treasures of the “Four Spirits” together, Qi Chun Jiao is able to resolve the knots and hardships she’s gone through while learning about love, and discovering a new direction in life.

Yi Ren looks like a little fairy in her costume and make up here, thank goodness! No more maid look! 😀

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Guo Jun Chen romances Li Nuo in period drama Ying Ying Su Yu Yi Nan Qiu

Ying Ying Su Yu Yi Nan Qiu or simply Su Yu (萦萦夙语亦难求) is an upcoming romantic comedy with Guo Jun Chen and Li Nuo. Guo Jun Chen plays the young master of Qian Yun Hills, who’s got looks, talents, and a heroic heart – keeping jianghu at peace. The story will play out his hilarious romance with his assistant played by Li Nuo. To the outside world, they are the perfect pair – she manages everything smoothly inside Qian Yun Hills and is viewed with utmost importance. Who knew that behind closed doors, they are like cat and dog, constantly at each other’s throat due to a bet in the past.

This looks like fluffy candy!

Airing 7/16!

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Cdrama Updates: There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain, Royal Nirvana, The Listener, Sniper

Hope everyone is doing well! I have one more week left to my vacation. Pants are getting tight now. LOL.

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First Impression: Accidentally In Love (Cdrama, 2018)

As usual, after watching a heavier drama like Legend of Fuyao, I found myself craving something silly, light and cute. This time I decided to go with Accidentally in Love 《惹上冷殿下》, a web drama about two students who meet at the same college, despise each other at first and then eventually fall in love. Because it stars two actors I’d seen in supporting roles on some other funny dramas I enjoyed, I decided to give this one a try.

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