Cdramas Airing This Week: New Vanity Fair, Road Home, Who Is He, Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It

More dramas to watch!

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The Silence of the Monster with Bi Wen Jun, Zhu Zheng Ting, Sun Yi Han, and Zhang Bo Jia confirmed air date

The Silence of the Monster (孤独的野兽) is a modern drama following four individuals as they come out of their shelves and learn to heal.

Synopsis from Viki: He Chu Feng (Bi Wen Jun) and Luo Bin (Zhu Zheng Ting) are the two oddball operators of Monster Vintage, a notable antique store. They live in the same house together, with only a large cat for company, and have become accustomed to each other’s bizarre quirks, although their respective love lives are nothing to write home about! He Chu Feng is a man of mystery, and is the store’s locksmith extraordinaire – able to open any lock imaginable on a range of antique pieces. And Luo Bin is the master appraiser of the duo – a man capable of assessing an antique’s worth in mere seconds.

But their lives are about to turn upside down when two women enter the fray. First comes a trainee lawyer named Sui Yi (Sun Yi Han). The duo agrees to let them live with her, forcing them into an unfamiliar routine of housework – but also sparking a somewhat unconventional fledgling romance between the positive and personable Sui Yi and the ever-enigmatic He Chu Feng. Then, an ace auctioneer named Fang Qi (Zhang Bai Jia) comes to seek help from the housemates. She has suffered an injury and needs assistance – and it’s love at first sight for Luo Bin the moment he sets eyes on her. Can romance really blow a fresh wind through this antiques emporium?

For a drama title that reminds me of The Silence of the Lamb, I expected something darker? Lol.

Airing 12/23~

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Bi Wen Jun and Wu Xuan Yi to give you some Sweet Teeth in new modern drama from the same writer as Crush

Sweet Teeth (世界微尘里) is adapted from the novel written by Mu Fu Sheng (same writer as the recently aired Crush) and stars Bi Wen Jun and Wu Xuan Yi as the main leads. Will they be able to create the same magic as Lin Yan Jun and Wan Peng?

Qiyi describes the synopsis: Zeng Li is a lovely librarian, who is in love with Ai Jingchu, a seemingly taciturn dentist. Wu Ying, Zeng’s good friend and an emergency room doctor, is pursued by Liu Yucheng, an overseas student, and they fall in love. Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran, her first love, realize that they still love each other despite the misunderstandings and hardships.

Airing 8/16~

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