Yuan Yu Xuan makes new memories with Liu Yi Chang in The Secret of Love

The Secret of Love (不能恋爱的秘密) is an upcoming modern drama with the male and female lead looking very identical. Lol. My First Impression? They are very pretty to look at. Both have soft, cute features. The story follows our heroine who has lost her memories due to a fire accident eight years ago and seeks to reclaim those memories and discover why it happened. She’s also trying to investigate her father’s death in a car accident. She meets our cold and aloof heir of a big company and they start off on the wrong foot. But like all dramas, proximity brings them closer. The character description suggests they might be childhood friend (even his first love?) and she disappeared after the accident; having some disfigurement to her face. Let’s see whether this is true when the drama airs.

Airing 6/16~

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