Gao Min Rui and Xu Xiao Nuo become Snow Lover in modern drama

Snow Lover (爱在粉雪时光) is an upcoming drama following a group skiers as they navigate through life. Our female lead is a screenwriter who is straightforward and a bit reckless. Male lead is the vice president of a gaming company who pursues perfection and in the spirit of proving himself, he wants to develop a game on skiing. Second female lead is an actress with princess syndrome and rounding out our fourth leg is the ski shop owner, second male lead.

Let’s see how much skiing we are gonna see. Lol.

Airing 10/26 ~

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Gao Min Rui leads rookie actors in youth military drama Deepwater Forces

Men and women in uniform! Marine uniforms no less. Upcoming modern idol drama Deepwater Forces (深海利剑) takes on a different subject – the marine forces, led by rookie actors Gao Min Rui and Andrew Xu Yang and anchored by seasoned actors in Wang Yang and Wang Qiang. It will put the young recruits to work in the deep, mysterious blue sea whether or not they like it ~

What a handsome crew…. What does this Kappy need to do to get on this ship…. LOL.

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