Upcoming Dramas to Air: Maybe It’s Love, Under The Skin, Star Crossed Lovers

More dramas coming~

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=======> ♦ Maybe It’s Love (大约是爱2) with Yan Xi and Xu Xiao Nuo. It is called the sequel to To air 3/6. Hailed as the sequel to 2018’s About Is Love with the same leads!

Tencent describes the plot: Wei Qing, President of Yunma group and Zhou Shi broke up with each other because of the crisis of trust. 2 years later, Zhou Shi returned to Wei Qing’s world but she was totally different from the past. In order to get back Zhou Shi back, Wei Qing did everything and tried his best. They finally be with each other after being through all the difficulties and misunderstandings. At the same time, Zhou Shi’s two best friends also find their true loves.

=======> ♦ Under The Skin (猎罪图鉴) with Tan Jian Ci, Jin Shi Jia, and Zhang Bo Jia. To air 3/6.

Qiyi describes the plot: The drama tells the story of Shen Yi, a mock portraitist and Du Cheng, an interpol captain, who are forced to work together by chance to solve a number of strange and suspicious cases, and finally uncover the dust-covered secrets and create a new world for each other.

=======> ♦ Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) with He Lan Dou and Niu Zi Fan. To air 3/8.

Synopsis From YouKu: Tian Zha, a girl with a dream of comics, has been working hard for many years. Just when she was about to turn over from salted fish, she established telepathy with a strange man because of a kiss. After analysis, this man is the hero of her comics, An Baiye. However, he is not some kind of comic character coming to reality, but a real alien. Tian Zhe is wearing the stone he has been looking for years. He must immediately take off the stone to save his mother planet, but if he takes the stone, Tian Zhe will die. The obsession of Tian Zha’s comic dream made it difficult for the two to reach cooperation. An Baiye decided that the day she achieved her comic dream would be the day he took the stone. In the process, An Baiye discovered Tian Zhe’s back story, and their fate had been planted more than ten years ago, and the two gradually developed feelings of love as they got along day and night.

With the appearance of the mysterious person Yun Xiaoyi, An Baiye discovered that Xinghai Rose had a bigger conspiracy. Tian Zhe and An Baiye joined hands to challenge fate, and even traveled back to the past to prevent the initial tragedy from happening. Star Ocean Rose is back to life, and although the trajectory of life has been rewritten, the two are destined to meet again.

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