The Red string of madness between Ding Yu Xi and Yang Chao Yue in Love You Seven Times

Synopsis By Qiyi: Xiang Yun was originally a cloud, but was turned into a fairy by Yue Lao, and started working in Yue Lao Pavilion. Chu Kong is a disciple of the Uri Xingjun constellation. He strayed into Yue Lao Pavilion and was treated as a villain. Chu Kong accidentally broke Xiang Yun’s fan, so the two quarreled and accidentally messed up the red string, which led to the marriage of the three worlds. The Jade Emperor knew about the chaos, and his punishment to them was that they could not go back to heaven until after the seven lives of love, and so their story began.

You can read the completed translated novel at Volarenovels.

Airing 8/10 ~

Looking mighty cute, this one!

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Faith Makes Great recruits over 100 actors and actresses to tell its stories

Faith Makes Great (理想照耀中国) is an upcoming drama celebrating 100 years of the Communist Party of China, recording the unity and leadership of the Chinese people throughout the years. It consists of 40 mini stories, each one runs for 1 episode, totaling over 100 actors and actresses and 3000+ production crew members.

Airing 5/4~

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Miss S: Chinese Remake of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries with Ma Yi Li and Gao Wei Guang

Miss S (旗袍美探) is the Chinese remake of Australian TV show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which was also based on Kerry Greenwood’s historical mystery novels. It follows the life of a female detective in 1920s Melbourne as she solves crimes and murders, one of which involves the kidnapping and eventual death of her younger sister. I gotta say, I didn’t expect much from the pair but now in their Shanghai glitz and glam outfits, they both look great! Who doesn’t like a female detective with beautiful clothes? 😀

Airing 8/28!

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Shawn Dou to romance Chen Du Ling in republican drama Love in Flames of War

Love In Flames of War (良辰好景知几何) is a republican drama based on the novel of the same name written by Ling Xi.

GAH. I’m so torn. Mr. SunShine is back but I’m not fond of republican dramas at all. I feel like they start to look and feel the same after a few episodes. The novel sounds coo-coo for coo-coo birds too! The male lead is described as a young marshal who is possessive and cruel, and even forcibly “takes” her, so she hates his guts. Now I’m eyeing that word in quotes questioningly because if it’s the R, then I’m out. She’s a fallen miss and meets our male lead when she was 15, and when she was 19, he shot her first love and killed him…. Ahum, I believe they will change a lot of things to make the drama less disturbing for public viewing and more melodramatic for their tagline of “heart-wrenching romance.” As for Chen Du Ling….she hasn’t impressed me as an actress and the stills do not lift that skepticism – she has the exact same expression in all her pictures. XD

The rest of the cast though, solid.

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First Impression: What do you think of Secret of the Three Kingdoms with Ma Tian Yu and Han Dong Jun?

I’m really looking forward to this! Bromance, romance, political intrigues. The colors look great. Please be good, show! Its airs Tuesdays-Thursdays, 2 episodes each day. “VIP” members (ahum) get to see one week ahead, so ideally we “piggyback riders” have 12 episodes this week. Ha!

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Essay Wang sings for Secret of the Three Kingdoms, First Posters for Luo Jin and Zhou Dong Yu’s Behind the Scenes

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Drama Updates: Story of Ming Lan, Meteor Garden 2018, Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Never Gone

Couple of updates here, new stills for Story of Ming Lan and Never Gone, while Meteor Garden 2018 wraps up filming with a small celebration and Secret of The Three Kingdoms secures a broadcast slot in 2 weeks!

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Ma Tian Yu and Han Dong Jun’s broken bromance in Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Jin Zhi Wen and Jike Jun Yi sing for The Destiny of White Snake

I’m excited for one and anxious about the other one….

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