Drama Updates: Story of Ming Lan, Meteor Garden 2018, Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Never Gone

Couple of updates here, new stills for Story of Ming Lan and Never Gone, while Meteor Garden 2018 wraps up filming with a small celebration and Secret of The Three Kingdoms secures a broadcast slot in 2 weeks!

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New drama stills for Han Dong Jun’s Never Gone (So You’re Still Here)

Based on the novel written by Xin Yi Wu, Han Dong Jun and Yang Zi Shan are the leads for Never Gone (So You’re Still Here) drama version. You might recall the movie version with Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei last year, about a pair of deeply in love young adults who were torn apart by social status and financial differences, yet their hearts remain with each other for years and the heroine finally decides to pursue the man she chased away. Separation-at-youth-and-meet-again seems to be the prevailing trend in dramas…. It’s been done to death. Lol.

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Huang Zi Tao’s drama updates: The Negotiator, A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity

Well, ask and you shall receive! Huang Zi Tao‘s two drama projects will air in August. I might check out A Chinese Odyssey since it looks absolutely crazy. Lol.

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Huang Zi Tao’s impressive transformation in A Chinese Odyssey

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but please don’t turn this post into a war zone again! Whether you like or dislike Huang Zi Tao (or any actor in general), it is a preference of your own. No one can judge you so please do not attack other commentators for having a different taste.

Now that’s out of the way, we saw Huang Zi Tao without his monkey hair last time and now the production has revealed his transformation into the Monkey King and it’s some scary and impressive stuff. Four hours of make-up! Drama A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity is the upcoming remake of many’s beloved story in the past starring Stephen Chow as the Monkey King. [Read Story from Wiki]

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The Adventure For Love with Jiang Jin Fu, Danson Tang, Chen Xiang and Eva Cheng

That is a lot of pretty in one frame.

Another modern drama with beautiful people is coming your way! The production team held two press conferences in the span of a few weeks with its main cast consisting of Jiang Jin Fu (The Legend of Qin), Eva Cheng Yan Qiu (Chronicle Of Life, Yun Zhong Ge), Danson Tang (Murphy’s Law of Love), and Cindy Sun Xiao Xiao (God of War Zhao Yun). The Adventure For Love follows Xia Meng Xun (Eva Cheng) and the boys as they try to find a missing relic to solve the mystery surrounding the three families.

ADDED TRAILER 12/29/15. My hunch is so good.

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