Upcoming Cdramas to Air: Liar’s Love, Double Love, First Love, Eight Hours, Forensic JD, and more

Damn, that’s a lot of love in the title…. I guess it’s December so lots of love and happiness to spread around. ^_^

Just catching up on some dramas I didn’t talk about from last week!

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Trailers Galore from iQiYi and Tencent: Who’s The Murderer, Dear Missy, Ancient Love Poetry, Dou Luo Continent, Mirror Twin Cities, Spirit Realm

Here’s a long compilation of teasers and trailers released at various events this past week such as the iQiYi iJoy and Tencent video conference. Sorry, I can’t physically make 20+ separate posts for each of them. I think I have written about the majority before so it’s nothing new. Just a peek from different online platforms for what’s coming up next for them.

Which ones are you looking forward to?

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More Cdramas Airing today: Love In Time, Run For young, Poisoned Love, Miss Gu Who is Silent

I can’t keep up with the number of dramas airing anymore! Here’s four, three of which begin airing today 9/24!

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Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu’s My Mowgli Boy to air in the last days of August

I hope you like Tarzan cause Ma Tian Yu is channeling one in this new modern drama! Lol. Yang Zi’s popularity is off the charts so her dramas are airing left and right. Qiyi has subbed most of the trailers and previews down below so you guys can check them out. Will this drama pull me out of my drama slump? I have always preferred my leading ladies to be more jaded than the boys. HA. 😉

My Mowgli Boy begins airing tomorrow 8/29. August is almost over?!
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Drama Updates: Never Gone, Jin Yi Zhi Xia, Guardian, Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, The Lord Swordship, Cry Me A Sad River

Compilation of drama stills and videos in the last couple of days!

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Zhang Ming En and Xu Lu headline fantasy modern drama The Life Planner

Aww! Yay! I’m so happy for Zhang Ming En (The Mystic Nine, Tientsin Mystic) landing a leading role! It’s a webdrama produced by Qiyi and his leading lady is no one other than Xu Lu (Tribes and Empires)! Not a lot is known about the plot but we do know Xu Lu plays a well-known producer, an independent woman who is also a workaholic. She will begin a romance with a man who writes the Life planner book for people. However, to pay a debt of gratitude, he goes against heaven’s wishes and changes events in the book. Unsure if it’s for one person or for many people. We shall see!

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Airing Soon: Ren Yan Kai’s The Lost Swordship, Chen Ruo Xuan and Josie Xu Jiao’s Beyond Light Years

Two more dramas coming your way in the next week!

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