Shawn Dou and Tang Yan’s See You Again confirms airdate in July

Another Shawn Dou’s drama! Even if it’s not the one many were anticipating… Lol.

Modern drama See You Again (时间都知道), adapted from Sui Hou Zhu’s novel, stars Tang Yan, Shawn Dou, and Yang Shuo. The story is still confusing the hell out of me. Our 31-year-old heroine encounters an accident during a plane ride and is transported seemingly in a dream where she’s traveled back 10 years and is in college, where she meets her fiancé (Shawn) and begins courting him knowing their future together. In the long-running dream, she also tries to cure her ailing mother, guide her best friend on a better road, and finally find happiness with Shawn. However, he dies during an accident saving someone. Heart-broken, she decides to go forward in time by taking the same flight that causes the original plane accident. She wakes up and sees her husband safely by her side….

This confusing plot begins playing before your eyes on 7/16.

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Cdrama Updates: Breaking Dawn, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Young Blood Agency, Hope All Is Well With Us

Seems like there’s a new drama airing every day for the month of April. Lol. Take your pick! The modern dramas look pretty adorable lately. xD

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Nick Wang Kai’s Like A Flowing River to premiere in December

Are you ready to follow bespectacled Wang Kai as he rises through the ladder of smarts with Yang Shuo and Dong Zi Jian as his buddies? Like A Flowing River is based on the novel written by A Nai. Nick will play the lead character Song Yun Hui, who has great potentials and smarts but was born into a poor family and hence is discriminated against. During the period of Chinese economic reform in 1978, he took his chance and won a seat in college studying engineering technology. And thus begins the hard-working journey of a man against many difficulties to achieve dreams of his childhood and as such he also opens up new ambiguities in his life.

With 47 episodes, Like A Flowing River premieres on 12/10!

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Drama Updates: The Eternal Love 2, Hope All Is Well With Us, The Untamed, Love Won’t Wait

Sorry for another delayed post. Got hitched with the stomach flu. Headaches, vomiting, nauseous, diarrhea, the full package to ruin my weekend. >.< Don’t know why I like to tell you guys these small happenings in my life, they are not cute. Lol.

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Drama Updates: Spy Hunter, All Is Well, Never Gone, One Boat One World, Ten Years Late, The Chang Jiang River

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Cdramas to begin filming: Wang Kai’s Eastward Flows The Changjiang River, Jin Dong’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Zheng Shuang’s My Nanny’s Manual

A bunch of dramas airing means a new wagon of dramas enter production!

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Intense intimate scenes between Guli Nazha and Yang Shuo in Retourner le monde a toi

Wow. The trailers definitely set a different type of bar for intimacy in Chinese dramas! Retourner le monde a toi or Return the World To You is a modern drama with Yang Shuo and Guli Nazha, following our strong-willed heroine as she faces the obstacles in her smooth-sailing life. She works in the fashion industry and has a great job and perfect boyfriend (Yang Shuo) until he’s struck down during an accident and supposedly passes away. She doesn’t dwell too long in hurt and heart-break and continues to build up her fashion company. Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend survives the crash and is sent overseas to heal, only to come back under a different face and identity, hoping to find out the truth about his murder. He runs into old girlfriend and becomes her opponent at work, but their love for each other will eventually heal old wounds.

Su Mang, the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar China is the fashion stylist of the drama and Jane Zhang will be in charge of the music, with a song in mind for Guli Nazha to sing as well.

*fixed trailer link* 1/3/17.

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