First Impression: What do you think of Xu Hai Qiao and Song Zu Er’s The Dark Lord?

Two dramas premiered on the 14th, this and The Rise of Phoenixes. Will be making a post for each. 🙂

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The Dark Lord (夜天子) is upcoming drama adaptation of a novel written by Yue Guan starring Joe Xu and Song Zu Er. Joe plays a prison guard, a title/job which is passed down in his family. He has an elder twin brother too but the man is too timid and kind to work as a prison guard, hence little brother who’s sharper and smarter took on the job. He’s asked by a high-ranked official (who’s on death roll) to deliver a will back to his hometown. The official only has one daughter (our heroine, I suppose?) with a mistress and hopes she’s well-off to get married. The job is of utmost importance because he goes as far as cursing our hero if he doesn’t fulfill his dying wishes. Sure enough, our hero meets his daughter who’s kicked out of the main house by the main wife. When she’s caught with our hero alone, main wife has an excuse to label her misconduct in public, hoping to secure the inheritance to herself. Our hero narrowly escapes the inheritance fight and is caught in another ploy, coerced into playing a magistrate for selfish means, which leads to his ascension in the ladder of politics.

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  1. One thought on “First Impression: What do you think of Xu Hai Qiao and Song Zu Er’s The Dark Lord?

    TBH I forgot about its existence. However, since I kinda like Song Zu Er, I might check it out.

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