Trailers Released: William Chan’s Only Side By Side With You, Shawn Dou’s See You Again

Non-stop promos for never-ending supply of dramas. Li Xian might give William a run for his money in the acting department but Will’s swagger goes on for hours! Lol.

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Tang Yan’s Drama Updates: See You Again with Shawn Dou, The Way We Were with Luo Jin, Villainous role in Hero’s Dream

Updates for Tang Yan. 🙂

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Tang Yan and Shawn Dou’s See You Again wraps up filming after 113 days

Modern drama See You Again (时间都知道), adapted from Sui Hou Zhu’s novel, stars Tang Yan, Shawn Dou, and Yang Shuo has wrapped up filming after 113 days, including overseas scenes in London (last part of filming). The story is still confusing the hell out of me. Our 31-year-old heroine encountering an accident during a plane ride and is transported seemingly in a dream where she’s traveled back 10 years and is in college, where she meets her fiancé (Shawn) and begins courting him knowing their future together. In the long-running dream, she also tries to cure her ailing mother, guide her best friend on a better road, and finally find happiness with Shawn. However, he dies during an accident saving someone. Heart-broken, she decides to go forward in time by taking the same flight that causes the original plane accident. She wakes up and sees her husband safely by her side.

Do you understand this? WHUT? So she’s fighting with time and space, guided by love back to square 1/safety? *mind boggling*

Book fans, please clarify. >.<

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Tang Yan’s See You Again begins filming, adds Yang Shuo

Adapted from the novel See You Again (時間都知道) written by Sui Hou Zhu, who also wrote Don’t Be So Proud with Vivian Sung and Tong Meng Shi. The story is similar to Suddenly Seventeen, with our 31-year-old heroine encountering an accident during a place ride and is transported back in time by 10 years where she meets her fiancé. From fans’ talk, it’s another husband-hunting game with fans losing their minds over a lot of absurd happenings, such as the death of the male lead (no worries, she will reunite with him peacefully in the future). Novel lovers, please spoil me about the ending.

Adding actor Yang Shuo (Ode To Joy) is quite a danger to my heart, he’s pretty smexy and charismatic!

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First trailer for Les Interprètes with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan

I have to say, I didn’t have interest in this drama but as I read reviews from novel fans, I think I will tune in after all. With all the elves, time-traveling, and demons running around in dramaland, it’s nice to have a normal modern drama (yunno, as far as I can see from the trailer, Lol.) I like that the genre is new to cdramaland and the trailer keeps it short and sweet without any physical violence, except for the brief part where Huang Xuan almost pokes Yang Mi in the eye. I wonder whether they have to re-shoot that scene several times to get it right.

In addition, it feels more grounded than your usual fare. Looking good.

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