Drama Updates: Never Gone, Jin Yi Zhi Xia, Guardian, Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, The Lord Swordship, Cry Me A Sad River

Compilation of drama stills and videos in the last couple of days!

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=======> ♦ New stills for Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost with Yang Zi and Deng Lun. It’s rumored to air after Untouchable Lovers in April. Yang Zi looks so pretttty in here!

 photo heavy-5.jpg

 photo heavy-4.jpg

 photo heavy-3.jpg

 photo heavy-2.jpg

 photo heavy-1.jpg

=======> ♦ Never Gone with Han Dong Jun and Yang Zi Shan released a small teaser!

 photo never-2.jpg

 photo never-3.jpg

 photo never-4.jpg

 photo never-5.jpg

 photo never-6.jpg

 photo never-7.jpg

 photo never-8.jpg

=======> ♦ Second trailer & new posters for The Lord Swordship. To air on 2/8.

 photo sword-3.jpg

 photo sword-5.jpg photo sword-4.jpg

 photo sword-2.jpg

 photo sword-1.jpg photo sword-6.jpg

=======> ♦ Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun’s period drama Jin Yi Zhi Xia has wrapped up filming! New stills + BTS video below!

 photo ren-1.jpg

 photo ren-2.jpg

 photo ren-3.jpg

 photo ren-4.jpg

 photo ren-5.jpg

 photo ren-6.jpg

 photo ren-7.jpg

 photo ren-8.jpg

 photo ren-9.jpg

 photo ren-10.jpg

 photo ren-11.jpg

 photo ren-14.jpg

 photo ren-13.jpg

 photo ren-12.jpg

=======> ♦ Cry Me A Sad River with Ma Tian Yu and Zheng Shuang has new stills. They are great friends in real life so the chemistry is strong in the stills! I’m always impressed with great friendships in the entertainment industry.

 photo cry-1.jpg

 photo cry-2.jpg

 photo cry-3.jpg

 photo cry-10.jpg

 photo cry-11.jpg

 photo cry-4.jpg

 photo cry-5.jpg

 photo cry-6.jpg

 photo cry-7.jpg

 photo cry-8.jpg

 photo cry-9.jpg

=======> ♦ Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang, and Aaron Yan prepare for the broadcast of their modern drama The Road to Farewell is Filled with Flowers. 2/7.

 photo flower-1.jpg

 photo flower-2.jpg

 photo flower-3.jpg

 photo flower-4.jpg

 photo flower-5.jpg

 photo flower-6.jpg

 photo flower-7.jpg

 photo flower-8.jpg

 photo flower-9.jpg

=======> ♦ Webdrama Guardian with Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu has new promotional stills. I’m pumped for this!

 photo guar-1.jpg

 photo guar-2.jpg

 photo guar-3.jpg

 photo guar-4.jpg

 photo guar-5.jpg

 photo guar-6.jpg

 photo guar-7.jpg

 photo guar-8.jpg

 photo guar-9.jpg

  1. One thought on “Drama Updates: Never Gone, Jin Yi Zhi Xia, Guardian, Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, The Lord Swordship, Cry Me A Sad River

    I’m was super excited for Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, so I read the book and it’s a pretty sweet light read. The book isn’t very angsty so I expect the drama to pump things up to make it more moving. Which is my excitment has kinda toned down a bit haha. The casting is quite good tho and I heard apparently the directing/producing team got an official flower researcher to contribute to the drama. They’re hoping to make it a drama on par with 3l3w.

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