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A lot of news packed in this one little post! Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a safe long weekend off!

Santa needs a drink. XD

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  1. Wuxia Rocks

    Crazy update sis! Lots to take in. So much stuff, how do you keep your sanity.

    Merry Christmas to you too! And hope you have an awesome weekend!

    Last time you ended your post having Li Ying without pants, now she’s shirtless!! You really know how to close a post. Good job! 😀 (that hand with the scissor though, lol)

    And as always thank you for keeping everyone updated! Take care!!

    1. Kappy

      Lol. I had to go back and see what I posted last of her. Gege, why you remember such a scandalous detail! XD

      Merry Xmas to you too! The hand with the scissor is truly the most scandalous. heh.

      1. Wuxia Rocks

        It’s not my fault sis, I have good memories! 😀

        Also how did you read my mind like that? I had a dream of Zhang Tian Ai last night, we were lovers!! I didn’t want to wake from the dream. But then I had to. I needed Martial Universe in my life and you brought that to me.


        1. Kappy

          Good choice gege, she’s feminine and smexy to boot! One of the few!

  2. Hannah

    Love the interaction between Eddie and ZLY off screen. Hehe

    I’m waiting on her next project. I really want a palace theme next.

    No to Demon Girl! Can’t believe I watched the whole first part lol

    1. Kappy

      HAHAHAH Looks like you might secretly come back to see the rest of the cameos from other stars, Hannah!

      Palace dramas….a tough choice, only if she starts out as evil and still wins the game. XD

  3. imomusings

    AHAHHAAHAHAHAH YY = White Prince a.k.a the embodiment of Prince Charming LOL

    But omg….so much is happening early 2017 – don’t go too crazy jie jie~~~

  4. peach

    I have watched til ep 5 so far for Candle in the Tomb and it’s really good. The plot, cast and the venues used for filming are all really good. The story flows well, they kept the introduction short and then moved on to where the tomb raiding actions are. I haven’t read the novel yet, so im not sure if the drama did it justice, but I enjoyed the drama a lot. It’s been a long while since I am able to finish watching episodes without skipping, and this drama kept a good balance with the tomb raiding creepiness, the action scenes and the story itself. Hopefully they will maintain this flow throughout and not falter like many dramas out there do…
    I saw that the sequel to the drama is a complete new cast and was really disappointed… I know it’s hard to get the same cast to come back for a sequel, with the scheduling a what not, but the sequel is not just a complete new story but a continuation of the journey of the main characters.. Don’t understand why the production company can’t stick to doing the drama part by part like the novel. Instead they choose to give it a time skip from book 1 to book 4/5 and then have a completely new cast. They have so much potential to make this drama big, especially when they have the rights to all the books!

    Always welcome ZLY news 🙂 One busy bee she is! Looking at the Joe interview, I now understand why she keeps herself so busy! Hopefully she will really be able to give herself a long break!
    As usual the playful Eddie Peng! Love his geekiness hahhaha!!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO DRAMALAND?

    1. Kappy

      I’m still amazed that Ode To Joy managed to get the girls back together!

      Haven’t watched CITT yet but the general response is very positive for the production values.

      Eddie x Li Ying for a dramaland reunion!

      1. Tyn123

        Apparently the Ode To Joy cast has been signed on for 3-4 seasons. The whole group of them have mentioned they would stick to it to the end.

        I think it helps that the girls like working together and the production is trying to work around all their schedules.

    2. Julianne Lin

      Same same about Ghost/Candle in Tomb. SO awesome. The vibe is completely right. (too lazy to retype my comment on it, but it’s just really great).

    3. Tusu

      I was skeptical of it at first because of Tomb Raiders/Old Nine Gates’ trauma. I watched ep 1 last night and hey it didn’t look too bad. Your comment makes me want to continue!

      Now I’m looking forward to the raiding scenes.

  5. amalee

    It’s Zhang Yixing in Kungfu Yoga, not Luhan. Anyway, thank you for the bunch of updates, I’ve been a lurker here lol

    1. Kappy

      LOL. Thanks. This is what happened when a bunch of EXO boys take over movieland. 🙂

      Welcome out, lurker! Maybe I should make more mistakes. Heee!

  6. yoyo_oy

    That is lots of updates! Thank you! Tong liya is very pretty in those armor clothes. And so glad that Leo wu lei got some young beautiful girls to cast with, looking forward to that one the most.

  7. Julianne Lin

    So excited for Kan Qing Zi and Rachel to finally have their own lead dramas. Also excited for more of Jing Boran. He’s a decent actor (to me at least) and I really love him and his onscreen personality.

    Have NO IDEA what Wind Blows in Changlin is about (will eagerly wait for and watch anyways…hopefully lives up to Nirvana) but am LOVING the costumes; very in tune with the muted-quality-culturally-rich vibe of Nirvana. Martial Universe (?) is looking pretty cool, but lovely Wu Lei’s first lead drama is looking kind of…well…very idol-y and typical idol-fantasy. Victoria looks beautiful for the press promo thing, but not too interested in any of the cast of movie-ancient-legend, and tbh, not too interested in a rehash of the story either. Mildly curious about LYF’s movie — he looks like the villain? Maybe he’ll finally break thru his acting plateau…I always felt he’d be able to play a very nuanced villain…hopefully he can break out of his recent wooden-block-phase and develop that potential he showed in his first few dramas that made everyone so interested in him. Surprisingly uninterested in Three Miles Peach etc (Yang Mi’s gorg, but tbh after seeing the movie cast, I feel like neither she nor Mark fit their characters particularly well…esp Mark…he just doesn’t seem very Ye Hua to me at all), and surprisingly very interested in Pretty Li Hui Zhen. Wasn’t really interested in it, but recently with the trailer and all, it’s looking great. Also confirms my opinion of how awesome and versatile and genuinely skilled Dilraba is — more than just a pretty face (sorry Gulnezer — I’m liking her more and more but I really don’t see the same acting skills from her, at least not now).

    But REALLY the highlight is totally how unexpectedly awesome Ghost Blows Candle is so far. Finished all current eps (I think there’s 6 out now or something? updates every Monday) and man, Jin Dong’s GREAT. I expected nothing less from him, but he REALLY carries the show. Honestly haven’t seen much of Chen Qiao En, but just from Jin Dong alone and the presence and atmosphere/vibe of the show, I already love it. Basically the whole show carries the same vibe as the song. Haunting. The soundtrack and feel is so realistically in the era (like mid 1900, reg ppl fighting for survival in the transition to industrialization), kind of nostalgic, very real, steeped in culture references, and incredibly creepy (to me). Very very suitably scary, the way I expected Lost Tomb to be. Like tbh, I’m usually spooked out and very paranoid for most of the episode. Like, it’s the sountrack combined with just the general feel, very suitable for tomb-raiding. I REALLY recommend this.

    1. Kappy

      I like Boran too! And happy for Rachel. She’s leading in the other drama with Thai actor Mike too. 😀

      A lovely great first impression for Candle in the Tomb! Makes me want to check it out when I’m free.

      Yang Mi and Mark don’t have a lot of chemistry in the trailers for me so I hope in the drama, they are better! Pretty Li Hui Zheng looks adorable. I’ll be tuning in for that one!

  8. Lizzie

    Thanks Santa! So many goodies 🙂

    Looking forward to NiF2 (the nostalgia) and ZLY/Eddie seem really chummy – yay for her!

    Ps. Is that archie Kao in the SOL movie?

    1. Kappy

      Archie Kao? Where? I don’t know which project anymore, too many in my head! Lol!

  9. kitai

    You scared me! Karena Ng is the one in Legend of the Ancient Sword not Karena Lam lol. I was wondering what has the industry come to if Karena Lam has to play second fiddle to Victoria Song. That’ll be a huge huge travesty.

    1. Kappy

      Lol. I wasn’t thinking about Karena Lam, I was thinking Karena married Raymond! Crazy me. Eunuch in haste instead of the Emperor. XD

  10. RandomComment

    There are lots of other JTTW stills haha but thanks for posting these!!! The MV really made me look forward to the movie.

    1. Kappy

      Oh trust me, I know there are other stills and posters but can’t have one project overwhelms the other news, so I set myself a limit of 10 pics or less per one bullet point. Lol.

  11. Sharreb

    Wow how do u kp track with so many news. Thankyou for the post,
    Merry christmas kappy n fellow readers.

    1. Kappy

      Thanks! I actually can’t remember some of the news I posted. LOL. I read them over and deleted the repeated ones. =D

      Merry Xmas Sharreb!

  12. Julie

    So many news. I don’t know what to comment on. Lol. Thanks for the list!

    Looking forward to Rachel Mao leading her own drama. Loved her in PWY! Beside the love story, she was the breakout performance for me.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Kappy

      Lol. Sorry, because it’s two weeks’ worth of news, so it’s really long! I’ll try to keep it less overwhelming next time. 🙂

      Merry Christmas!

  13. miyeon

    That was a lot of dramas updates @___@ So much airing for the first month of January but I will probably checked Three Blossoms, while waiting for the YY&LYF one.
    Leo is growing up so well but the trailer for his drama doesn’t really intrigued me tho. For some reasons, I hope he and Guan XiaoTong can collaborate one day and lead the new generation haha.

    Wow, ZLY’s arms are so toned these days and I do hope Joe Xu Hai Qiao can do another drama together. I did enjoyed their scenes in Journey of Flower.

    Merry Christmas everyone! <3

    1. Kappy

      January is packed with dramas! At least one drama for everyone!

      Merry Christmas! =)

  14. nell123

    Thank you for all the wonderfull news, Kap! Awesome, as usual ! <3

    Merry Chistmas! :)))

    1. Kappy

      Merry Christmas Nell! =D

  15. Tusu

    Thanks for the updates Kap, I’m (two days) late to the Christmas party D:

    Victoria Song, Wang Lee Hom for Gujian movie huh…. Hmm, don’t know what to think of it. Might check it out when it’s here.

    And yay to positive comments on Candle blows out the light!

    1. Kappy

      The punishment to the tardy is to bring drinks! Lol. Hope you had a great one!

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