Zhang Tian Ai pursued by Zhang Ruo Yun, Xu Wei Zhou in The Evolution of Our Love

The trailer looks so cute, it’s not overly dramatic and the leads don’t act like they are stuck as teenagers. The Evolution of Our Love (爱情进化论) stars Zhang Tian Ai, Zhang Ruo Yun, and Xu Wei Zhou in a roller coaster ride of finding life-long love. They were friends in high school and that friendship goes on for the next 15 years+. He carries a torch for her and watches as she dates man after man, ultimately remaining unlucky in the field of love. Will his gentle soul and observant eyes turn her attention towards the person who’s been by her side all these years?

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Zhang Tian Ai and Zhang Ruo Yun looking polished in The Evolution of Our Love

Everyone looks good, from main to supporting! YAY! If I could describe the plot in short terms, it would be In Time With You 2.0 because here our leads have been friends for 15 years, from their hormonal youth into adulthood. They support each other throughout the years and finally recognize that the best kind of love is the kind that grows along with you. Zhang Tian Ai is the go-getter at work but is unlucky with men (with that face?!) and Zhang Ruo Yun‘s the gentle soul with homely manners. Awww, their dynamics is gonna be uber sweet.

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Zhang Ruo Yun, Zhang Tian Ai, and Xu Wei Zhou in The Evolution of Our Love

Makes sense for Zhang Ruo Yun (The Fated General) and Zhang Tian Ai (Martial Universe) to want a break from wearing heavy costumes in period dramas, as they are back together as the new OTP for a modern drama called The Evolution of Our Love (爱情进化论). Will write more details when I get home from 12-hour shift, in the meanwhile, pretty pics from the booting ceremony! 😀

EDIT 8/7: Alrighty, so I did check out the synopsis and it does sound like Taiwanese drama In Time With You with Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen, like you guys pointed out, not that the production team said anything about a remake. Lol. China, give credit! Zhang Tian Ai plays a career woman with good conditions but is unfavored by men. While Zhang Ruo Yun plays a gentle and easy-going man who loves cooking, cleaning, and gardening. XD To describe their 15-year old friendship/relationship, it is stated, “We are lucky to be considered as each other’s half so that we turn toward each other. But the process of life helps us learn that: Love allows us to evolve into better people.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (48)

A lot of news packed in this one little post! Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a safe long weekend off!

Santa needs a drink. XD

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