Liu Xue Yi, Wu Jin Yan, and Bi Wen Jun look melancholy in costume drama Kill Me Love Me

Kill Me Love Me (春花厌) is adapted from the novel written by Hei Yan. I took a look at the novel and it’s one twisted downhill ride. They would have to change quite a bit for the drama cause male lead is not likable/pretty toxic and doesn’t treat the female lead nice at all cause he’s in love with another girl for over a decade, who’s also the cause of female lead’s misery. There’s a clear distinction in class (owner/servant/rich/poor) and that’s how he will treat you. From young, our heroine was raised to become an assassin in a secret organization. She has no name and is assigned the number 43. She swallows her pride, her dignity, and everything else just to survive. As it turns out, male lead runs the cruel organization…

I thought I could root for the FL but she’s so passive and accepting of every misery thrown at her that it is hard to read. LXY looks so intensely good in here since he’s a Prince who also hops on a horse and goes to war that I might take a peak. Lol. I’m not that into toxic male leads but I know they are the rage nowadays.

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Stunning scenery and backdrops in The Immortal Ascension with Yang Yang and Jin Chen

The Immortal Ascension (凡人修仙传) is adapted from the novel written by Wang Yu. It follows the story of an ordinary boy who goes on a dangerous road of cultivation to become an immortal. After seeing the trailers, I had this familiar feeling in terms of directing and checked out the director. Sure enough, it’s Yang Yang, the female director in charge of Ever Night, and was also in charge of some beautifully done dramas; Imperfect Victim, A Dream of Splendor, etc.

Filming wrapped up in December of last year.

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Cdramas Airing Next Week: The Last Immortal, Battle Through the Heaven, Derailment, Unshakable Faith, and more!

It’s been a good last quarter of the year eh? Lots of interesting dramas competing for your attention!

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Qin Xiao Xian leads double life in historical comedy The Theatre Stories with Zhao Xiao Tang and Meng He Tang

The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖) sounds so wacky on paper but maybe it’s a comedy gold? Lol. You tell me!

Qiyi describes the plot: In a certain dynasty and a certain era, the world was prosperous, the people were safe, and everyone in the world praised the little emperor for his wisdom and wisdom. But in fact, the little emperor has not yet been in power, and the power is in the hands of the empress dowager and his uncle. The little emperor (Qin Xiao Xian), who was not interested in government affairs, wanted to travel out of the palace, and was very obsessed with operas. One day, the little emperor found a secret passage in the palace and slipped out quietly. Unexpectedly, at the end of the secret passage was a workshop (an ancient theatre and clubhouse) that had been closed for many years. The little emperor encounters Bai Xiao Qing (Zhao Xiao Tang), the troupe leader of the troupe who is under the control of the workshop. Since then, he has concealed his identity and opened up the double-sided life of the servant of the workshop and the real son of heaven. With a group of amazing artists, they take on difficulties, conflicts and find it hard to part with each other…

Airing today 2/3~

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New Dramas Begin Filming: Ju Jing Yi’s Hua Rong, Angelababy’s Love The Way You Are, Song Yi Ren’s Different Princess, Chen Yu Qi’s Fu Tu Tower, and more!

A lot of dramas began filming this week, here are some with good, decent booting ceremony pictures.

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