New Dramas Begin Filming: Ju Jing Yi’s Hua Rong, Angelababy’s Love The Way You Are, Song Yi Ren’s Different Princess, Chen Yu Qi’s Fu Tu Tower, and more!

A lot of dramas began filming this week, here are some with good, decent booting ceremony pictures.

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Xianxia drama Chen Yuan with Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu wrapped up filming

Chen Yuan (尘缘) is adapted from the novel written by Yan Yu Jiang Nan. This novel is often compared to Zhu Xian aka The Legend of Chusen. The novel opens up with us following a male character who was born holding a magical blue stone. He excels in all his studies and his parents have high hopes for the boy but he only wants to learn about cultivation. Turns out, he was an immortal who was punished to the mortal realm and this is his last reincarnation. The blue stone is our female lead. The drama synopsis says our female lead and the immortal involved with her were both punished to the mortal realm for letting a demon go. But they promise to meet again no matter what. I’m still a little confused about the story so I will update once I get further into the plot/novel. If anyone wants to fill me in, please do. Lol.

The drama remains quiet throughout its entire filming (started in 11/2020) and even ended on a rather low beat as well. I wonder why. I do miss seeing Ma Tian Yu and Angelababy does look effortlessly beautiful in the stills below.

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