Cdramas Airing This Week: Detective Kong, Win The Future, Lucky With You, and Stick to the Script

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=======> ♦ Win The Future (输赢) with Chen Kun and Xin Zhi Lei. Airing 12/21.

Synopsis from China Zone: Based on the background of China’s Internet development wave, the drama tells the story of how young professionals represented by sales elites Zhou Rui (Chen Kun) and Luo Jia (Xin Zhi Lei) struggled hard, adhered to their ideals, and finally won their lives amidst workplace difficulties, life pressures and emotional choices. The sales director of Jieke, Zhou Rui, was appointed to go to Beijing to explore the market of Beijing. The two people known as “South Zhou Rui and North Luo Jia” met in business battlefield. In the bloody confrontation, Zhou Rui and Luo Jia fell in love and became a close enemy. The story vividly shows the current job rules and sales skills, portrays a group of youthful, cheerful and energetic contemporary young people, fully demonstrates the spirit of the new youth of the era, and promotes the success of individual not a win, Industry win-win, science and technology to rejuvenate the country is the true altruistic spirit of winning.

Watch Here.

=======> ♦ Fantasy ancient drama Stick to The Script (师兄请按剧本来) with Tu Zhi Ying, Wang Hao Xuan, and Fan Yi Ning. Airing 12/22. Each episode is only 4 minute long… O_O Our female lead finds herself transported into a TV drama while she’s watching it on TV…..on her couch.

=======> ♦ Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你) with Wang Li Kun and Huang Jing Yu. Airing 12/23.

In order to win her ex-husband in court and gain custody of their kid, our female lead must stumble back into the workforce. She’s a former Taekwondo expert and is luckily hired as a bodyguard for a handsome, rich snob – our male lead, who has enemies everywhere.

Watch here.

=======> ♦ Detective Kong (热血神探) with Zhang Yu Jian, Wu Cheng Xu, and Liang Jie. Airing 12/26. Our trio of leads – a policeman, a coroner, and a restaurant owner team up to bust the secrets of old-age supernatural forces. Looks fun!

To be subbed at Viki.

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    Only interested in Win the Future and Detective Kong (looks funny!!)

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