Cdramas Airing: Breath of Destiny, In Love With Your Dimples, One Boat One World, Hand In Hand, Hello Mr. Gu

Some dramas out this week ~

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=======> ♦ In Love With Your Dimples (恋恋小酒窝) with Chen Yi Han and Xu Kai Xin to air on 3/22 (I believe all episodes were dropped today). The story follows our heroine who returns from studying abroad to her hometown with no job, no love, and no money. Still, she manages to attract the attention of three other males ~


=======> ♦ Breath of Destiny (一起深呼吸) with Qi Wei and Tony Yang to air 3/23. Our female lead is a gynecologist and she and her team arrive at an island to provide medical help, but they are hit by natural disaster and now time is against them. Male lead goes to the same island for a wedding but ends up joining the medical team as a volunteer.


=======> ♦ One Boat One World (海洋之城) with Zhang Han and Wang Li Kun to air 3/23. Story of a cruise ship and its community. I have been on one before and probably never will again. Lol.


=======> ♦ Hand In Hand (陪你一起长大) with Liu Tao and Li Guang Jie to air 3/28. A family drama that focuses on the various relationships and challenges in a household, from mother-child, father-child, mother-father, etc.


=======> ♦ Hello Mr. Gu (原来你是这样的顾先生) with Chen Jing Ke and Yan Zhi Chao to air on 3/30. He’s a CEO who doesn’t like to be around crowds and she’s a broke cartoonist. By accident, they get into a contractual marriage.

PW to view trailer: gu123. Sorry, I need to make a new streaming account somewhere, blocked by dailymotion. T_T

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