Martial Universe – Season 2: Episodes 53-57 Recap

Did a marathon of last week’s episodes to catch up on this series before the final three episodes and now I’m all annoyed with this series all over again. This week was flashbacks galore, sad music galore, pity parties everywhere, things get even more complicated and then they ended the week by breaking my heart. *sigh* If Lang Tian doesn’t suffer a miserable death at the end of this… argh!!!

So let’s hurry up and get through week 4 of Martial Universe!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 1 Episode a day, Mon – Fri via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 17/20 (Season 2)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyYuan Gate SectTalisman GuildNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectDark ClanSky Marten TribeNine-tail Fox TribeOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
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Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
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Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
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Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
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Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Mu Qian Qian
Ling Zhen
Yuan Cang

Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader)
Wu Dao
Zhou Tong
Martial Arts Hall Elder

Bo Xuan (Palace Leader)
Chen Lang (Palace Elder)
Chen Feng

Hao Jiu You (Elder of the Sky Marten Tribe)
Old Marten King (Lin Diao’s father)

Mo Xin Qing (Princess Royal of the Nine-tail Fox Tribe)
Auntie Xin
Mo Ling Shan
Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)
Xiao Yan (a.k.a Fire Python Tiger)
Sixth Yimo Prince (aka The Guardian)
Huangfu Jing, Mo Ling’s bodyguard
Mo Ling, Prince of the Great Yan Dynasty
Qing Zhi

New this week:
Fu Zu
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Qing Zhu realises that the realm they are stuck in is the Cloud Wilderness Pond where a moment turns into an eternity. When Qing Zhu tells him that the cycle will reset and they will disappear at some point, Lin Dong realises they need to leave soon. Qing Zhu tries to remember what she read about the place.

At the Flame God Temple, Qing Zhi is using the Flame Talisman to protect the temple while Lin Diao and Xiao Yan are alert for danger. Xiao Yan senses something is wrong, but Lin Diao thinks he’s being silly. As Xiao Yan smells something wrong in the air, something crashes through the enchantment and knocks everyone back as Qing Zhi starts coughing up blood. It’s the Sixth Yimo Prince and he’s broken the enchantment. Qing Zhi is surprised when Lang Tian appears to tell him to stop wasting his energy and tells him that Lin Dong and his daughter are gone. Qing Zhi is not about to give up and attacks Lang Tian.

It’s snowing in the other realm as Qing Zhu wonders why it looks so familiar and Lin Dong speculates she’s tired of seeing him every time she’s in danger. Qing Zhu sees the center of the Pond and says that she read that if you are in the center and survive as the realm resets, then you can escape death. Qing Zhu suddenly asks him to hug her and he thinks she needs reassurance that he will save her.

Qing Zhi and Lang Tian fight it out in the Temple. Qing Zhi realises that Lang Tian hasn’t used his Space Talisman which means he’s using it somewhere else, probably to trap Lin Dong and his daughter. Lang Tian taunts him that he has no way of saving them.

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Under the peach tree, Lin Dong and Qing Zhu sit together. Qing Zhu finally decides to confess her feelings even though she knows he will not return them. She hugs him, but it’s really a ruse as she has remembered that one can survive the realm if someone else sacrifices herself for them. Lin Dong realises what she’s doing and tries to loosen her grasp, but she won’t let go and passes her energy on to Lin Dong, before passing out.

Lang Tian taunts Qing Zhi, asking him who he think will survive in the Cold Wilderness Pond. Meanwhile Lin Dong is angry at Qing Zhu and everyone else who keeps trying to die for him, and wants everyone to stay alive. Lang Tian tells Qing Zhi that that fate of the two is in the Space Talisman and that if he wants to kill everyone there to go ahead and kill him. Qing Zhi instead asks that he take his life instead. But Lang Tian doesn’t want to exchange any lives and would rather keep them all. Just as he’s about to take Qing Zhi’s life, Lin Dong gets a hold of his Halberd and uses it to destroy the realm. It starts to fall apart so Lang Tian has to stop and put it back together. Qing Zhi takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Lang Tian, preferring that they all perish if it means getting rid of Lang Tian. Instead Lang Tian uses the Talisman to disappear as Lin Dong and Qing Zhu reappear in the temple. (If you’re confused by this, so am I.)

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Outside the Temple, Xiao Yan, Lin Diao and the rest of Lin Dong’s friends are fighting the Sixth Yimo Prince and the Yuan Gate Disciples. Lang Tian joins the fight and is about to kill Ling Shan when suddenly time freezes. Qing Tan appears with members of the Dark Clan as Lang Tian struggles to get unfrozen. Qing Tan sees him and takes back the ancestral stone he took from Lin Dong, reminding him that she warned him not to hurt her brother. She reaches out to touch him as he tries to evade her. She tries to get him to stop his evil ways, but he tells her that it’s too late, still blaming everyone else for his misfortune. Qing Tan gets upset while Lin Diao yells at her to kill Lang Tian and Lin Dong tries to get her to focus her thoughts. But she’s still too heartbroken and he’s able to escape from her powers, taking the Sixth Yimo Prince with him, and leaving Lin Dong to comfort her. (I want to be mad at her because she was so badass before, but yeah, there are some ex’s that just mess with your head like that.)

The Yuan Gate Disciples are taken in to custody as Lin Dong carries Qing Zhu to bed. Qing Zhi comes to check on her and tells Lin Dong not to get too upset at what happened. Qing Zhu wakes up and Lin Dong tells her that she used up a lot of cultivation to save him and promises to repay her, though she views at as just her responsibility as the Talisman Envoy and tells him not to feel so guilty. But of course he will. In the hall, Qing Zhi assures Lin Dong that he’s restored her yuan energy and thinks about how much she is like her mother.

Qing Tan finds Lin Dong and sits with him, asking about Qing Zhu and wanting to know how he really feels about her. But of course he’s thinking about Huan Huan and reveals that she’s the only one he can have in his heart just like his sister only has Lang Tian in her heart. Qing Tan realises that he and Lang Tian will have to meet up in a final duel.

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Qing Zhi is struggling to keep the Yimo in him contained. Xin Qing finds him collapsed and wants to go for help, but he tells her not to tell anyone as there is no one who can help. He sends her away and she reluctantly goes, telling him that if he has anyone he loves, that he should see her soon while he still can.

As Lang Tian and Lin Dong both sleep, they have visions of their final fight to come. Lang Tian also has other visions of himself which cause him to wake up. Lin Dong, now also awake, watches over the others.

Lin Diao struggles to sleep because Xiao Yan isn’t snoring as usual, but Xiao Yan can’t sleep because he keeps checking out Xin Qing who is sleeping with her sister. Lin Diao at first can’t figure out why the Tiger is awake and then realises he likes Xin Qing. He teases him for liking two women, but Xiao Yan insists he thinks of them differently. Ling Shan wakes up and wakes up her sister to point out that Xiao Yan is checking her out, wondering if her sister likes him and suggesting they can travel the world together. But Xin Qing wants to focus on figuring out how to activate their Talisman and defeat the Yimo, and feels that love would be a burden right now.

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The Yimo Emperor laughs at the pouting Lang Tian and his emotions. Lang Tian tells him that he found his body, but without the key, doesn’t know how to break the seal. The Emperor, though, knows of another way for him to free his body, though he doesn’t think Lang Tian will be able to do it. But Lang Tian is ready to give up being humane and wants to know how many people he has to kill. The Emperor tells him that it’s quality of energy, not quantity that matters and that those with the greatest energy are in the Three Super Sects.

Lang Tian heads for the Dao Sect, wondering if Lin Dong will arrive in time to save his woman. Huan Huan senses the danger.

Qing Zhu is leaving for Taiqing Palace when Qing Zhi stops her.

Qing Zhu is leaving for Taiqing Palace when Qing Zhi stops her and tells her that he is going with her which makes her happy.

Lang Tian and the Yuan Gate disciples attack the Dao Sect. A disciple runs to tell the still cultivating Huan Huan what has happened to get her to leave before she or the Ice Talisman is harmed. But she refuses to leave her people, seeing no other place they can go. Knowing that her father would die protecting the sect, she refuses to leave. She silently asks Lin Dong to come help them, sending out a beam of light as a flare, as the disciples continue fighting.

Qing Zhu desperately tries to get the Palace Master to send people to help Dao Sect, but she refuses to put any of her people in danger. Qing Zhi arrives then and points out that the Talisman Envoy’s job is to protect Lin Dong who is currently going to save the Dao Sect.

Lang Tian faces off with a still weak Huan Huan. He knows she hasn’t finished cultivating and is not prepared to fight him and that she has no one else there to help her. But she’s not one to give up and draws her weapons to fight against him.

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Lin Dong arrives along with Qing Tan just in time. As Qing Tan uses her powers to scare off the Yuan Gate Disciples, Master Yan and Xuan Su can only watch them run away, impressed by Qing Tan’s powers. The ladies want to go up to Dao Sect to help Lin Dong, but Master Yan can tell something is wrong. Noticing that Yuan Gate left without a fight, he’s certain Lang Tian has another plan up his sleeve.

Lang Tian again insists to Lin Dong that everything he’s doing is to eliminate the Yimo. Then he jumps through a portal to Taiqing Palace, telling Lin Dong that he can’t save both his lovers. (And he wonders why no one believes him.)

Su Su is sweeping the balcony when Qing Zhi appears. Qing Zhu is happy to see her parents reunite and leaves them alone. Qing Zhi apologizes for all the hardship he caused Su Su, but she is forgiving. She tells the Palace Master that she is going back to the Demon Domain with him while the Palace Master promises to help the Dao Sect. When Qing Zhi tries to thank her for taking care of his family and apologize for his former actions, she also forgives him.

Reminded by the Palace Master that he has to return the Flame Talisman to Taiqing Palace, he gives it to Qing Zhu who becomes it’s master. Qing Zhu has to say goodbye to her parents as they wish her well.

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The Palace Master is getting her disciples ready to help Dao Sect when Lang Tian arrives. Qing Zhu demands to know what he did to Lin Dong and Huan Huan and he taunts her that Lin Dong is too busy to care about her. When Lang Tian threatens the Palace Master, the sect draws their weapons. The Palace Master tries to fight him and is stabbed as Lin Dong kills other disciples. Master Yan, Su Su and Qing Zhi appear to fight off Lang Tian as they get everyone to go back inside the palace. Qing Zhu is surprised to see her mother there and watches as she goes into the main room to activate the Lotus Barrier to protect the palace. Everyone uses their powers to help protect the palace, but Lang Tian is still able to blast the Palace Master. She passes out in Master Yan’s arms after making him promise to help protect the palace.

As Qing Zhu tries to heal her, the Palace Master apologizes for not listening to her before, realising that they wouldn’t be in the danger they are now. She then passes on another secret technique of their sect that the Talisman Envoy is supposed to pass on to the Talisman Successor and whispers it to her. Qing Zhu is surprised and not willing to do it, but the Palace Master insists that she must in order to save Lin Dong and their Sect. After Qing Zhu promises to protect their sect, the Palace Master dies.

Lang Tian is finally able to destroy the barrier protecting the palace and taunts Qing Zhu and her mom, asking where all the men are at. But the group isn’t deterred and are willing to fight. Suddenly it begins to snow as Huan Huan, Lin Dong and Qing Tan appear to join the fight. Seeing them there, Lang Tian leaves.

Master Yan starts calling Huan Huan the Ice Master, but when she tells him she hasn’t finished her cultivation, Lin Dong gets upset she would use the Ice Talisman powers and risk her health again. She ignores him though and orders her disciples to stay and guard Taiqing Palace and then decides to go check out the palace.

Su Su tells Qing Zhu that she must leave to meet up with her father, but warns her to be careful since they don’t know what the Yimo are up to.

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Lin Dong finds Huan Huan out on the palace balcony and hugs her, telling her that he’s found all the talismans and that she doesn’t need to become the Ice Master now that he is going to be the next Fu Zu. But she doesn’t want to take the easy way out as she remembers her promise to her father so she runs off, clearly still very in love with Lin Dong.

A black cloud begins to form around Taiqing Palace. They realise that the Yuan Gate disciples only pretended to retreat, but have actually blocked all the roads leading away from the palace and they are trapped. Lin Dong is angry with himself for not taking care of Lang Tian sooner, but Master Yan and Qing Tan warn him that Lang Tian is trying to force him into a fight, but that they are protected where they are and not to be rash. With their water source cut off and many people injured and in need of medicine, things do not look well. Disciples from the Talisman Guild and Dark Clan have been called for and Qing Zhu thanks everyone for their help. Master Yan suggests that they might be able to use the Water Curtain’s yuan energy to help fight off the Yimo, but he doesn’t know how.

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Qing Zhu knows, though, and goes to talk to Su Rou. She reveals to Su Rou what the Palace Master told her which is that the Talisman Envoy has to teach the successor the Sensing Taishing Technique to congeal the yuan energy, but that it requires her to cultivate with Lin Dong. Su Rou realises that she will have to give up her chastity to do that, but Qing Zhu is willing to sacrifice it since there is no other way.

Huan Huan meets with Master Yan on the balcony and talks about how everyone has changed due to what has happened. Master Yan can see that Huan Huan is hiding her real feelings from Lin Dong and tries to get her to at least share them with him instead of keeping them inside. He is still convinced that after it is all over, she and Lin Dong can be together, but she is not convinced. Certain that becoming the Ice Master will help them defeat the Yimo, she is determined to proceed. She asks Master Yan help Lin Dong learn the Sensing Taishang Technique and he agrees.

Huan Huan asks Master Yan help Lin Dong learn the Sensing Taishang Technique and he agrees to do since she’s decided. Qing Zhu is in the Water Curtain and gets the chant needed to help Lin Dong cultivate. Lin Dong arrives, hearing that she has a plan. He sees the chant and realises this is her sect’s secret martial arts, but Qing Zhu asks who told him that she had a plan. Huan Huan appears as he tells her that she told him and Qing Zhu gets upset, though he has no idea what it means. Huan Huan freezes the Water Curtain, trapping them inside and tells Lin Dong that he was meant to be with Qing Zhu and not her and that she’s trying to right the error while telling Qing Zhu that this is what needs to be done to fight the Yimo.

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The palace’s water supply has been poisoned and they don’t have much time. Master Yan tells Su Rou and Xuan Su that someone needs to go down the mountain to open up a gap for reinforcements to get through and to allow the congealed yuan energy to go through. Both women volunteer, but Master Yan says they are not capable. Huan Huan appears and volunteers and Master Yan wishes her luck as everyone else worries about her.

The black clouds continue to surround the palace and get closer and closer as everyone waits. They worry about Huan Huan’s safety, but she is able to dispatch the Yuan Gate disciples easily as reinforcements arrive, but it’s not all good yet.

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And then it’s awkward sexy time as the Talisman Successor and Talisman Envoy have to cultivate. (Am I the only one who finds this whole part a bit awkward and dumb?) They sit, facing each other, and hold hands and start to cultivate. Huan Huan takes her frustration out on the enemy as her boyfriend cultivates with another woman and everyone talks about how they thought for sure Lin Dong and Huan Huan would end up together. Qing Tan feels like in this life that people’s affections are treated as trifles by the world. (Amen, sister.) Everyone watches as the top of the mountain glows from their cultivation and pillars of black smoke try to attack them, warded off by Huan Huan’s ice shield. The Dao Sect disciples shout out encouragement and then suddenly a huge gold dragon appears and cuts through the black clouds. This is the Sensing Taisheng Technique and it is able to chase the Yimo threat away.

Lin Dong comes out and declares that Yuan Gate has been defeated and there are no more Super Sects, but that everyone must join together to exterminate Yuan Gate and defeat the Yimo. Everyone is inspired.

In the woods, Huan Huan sees the Beidou Bird Lin Dong has sent to her, asking her to wait for him.

Back at Yuan Gate, the allies have arrived and find the dead teachers that Lang Tian was manipulating. Suddenly they disappear and all the yuan energy is sucked out of the Yuan Gate disciples. Qing Zhu remembers about the energy pond they found before.

Lin Dong and Lang Tian face off in the woods. Lang Tian is surprised that Lin Dong was able to win that fight, but tells him that he still hasn’t lost the war. When Lin Dong asks to know what he means, he refuses to say. Instead he just taunts Lin Dong for being too soft-hearted and blaming him for the deaths of others, but Lin Dong is still not ready to kill him. Lin Dong wonders why he is so eager to die, but when he threatens Huan Huan and Qing Zhu, he decides he will kill him until Qing Tan makes him stop. Lang Tian can’t help but taunt him some more before disappearing as Lin Dong finally realises that it all was a trap.

The Sixth Prince finds Lang Tian and congratulates him on a job well done and asks how he managed to manipulate Lin Dong. Lang Tian gloats at how easy it was to guess Lin Dong’s actions given his need to be a hero and wonders how bad he must be feeling. When the Sixth Prince asks if he really wants Lin Dong to die, he says that as an Yimo, he doesn’t want anyone to survive which makes the Sixth Prince nervous.

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All the yuan energy is being sucked into the energy pond and Lin Dong goes there to see it. He uses his powers to try and take back some of the stolen energy. The Yimo Emperor appears and Lin Dong tries to attack him, but realises he is just an illusion. But the Emperor is able to attack him, telling him that he is too late, but Lin Dong refuses to give up. The Emperor views him as weak and all humans as inept and easily manipulated, blaming their own human nature for the Yimo being able to exist and thrive in their world. Lin Dong is able to summon the Halberd back and makes the Emperor’s image and the black smoke attacking him disappear. As Lin Dong passes out, Qing Tan arrives and sees him surrounded by images of his memories.

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Lin Dong is in another spiritual domain, his own, and finally meets Fu Zu. The spiritual domain is a mess because his heart and mind are in turmoil and Fu Zu asks him if he has forgotten his purpose. When Lin Dong asks him for guidance, he is unable to give any. Instead he shows him his yuan pellet which can open gateways to other worlds. He tells Lin Dong that the Yimo did not use to exist in this world. But Fu Zu, through his own arrogance and boredom, went looking for beings in other worlds to defeat and caused the Yimo to appear, who fed on human’s failings. Lin Dong worries his own failings mean he will not be able to defeat them, but Fu Zu says that humans have the courage to make up for their mistakes. He hid the talismans to find the people who could do just that. He tells Lin Dong that his yuan pellet, called the Fetal Plane, can be used to open another plane of existence to distort time and make the person who is master of that artifact the master of that world, but they have to die in the real world. The Emperor currently has the Fetal Plane. Then Fu Zu tells him he has to go up to the Cosmic Rank to defeat the Yimo Emperor, but he has to… (and at this point I just gave up trying to write this all out because, seriously writers, this is just getting way too complex). TL:DR version: Fu Zu puts something in Lin Dong’s hand to make him stronger and then Lin Dong went for a jog.

Lin Dong wakes up in Yuan Gate with a new shiny hand. Qing Zhu and Qing Tan update him on what happened while he was passed out. He’s still upset about being so easily manipulated by Lang Tian and helping resurrect the Emperor. They have to go back to the Demon Domain to face off with the Emperor, but first Lin Dong wants to go visit Huan Huan.

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As he arrives at Dao Sect to say goodbye to Huan Huan (but from really far down the mountain instead of to her face), she is cultivating again. Lin Dong promises her that if he survives, he will marry her, but asking her to defeat the Emperor if he fails.

 photo eps56_1.jpg

Lin Dong asks Huan Huan (from really far away) to meet him in the afterlife and then says goodbye. Up on top of the mountain, Huan Huan, who seems to have seen this all, tells him (from far away) that he has to return safely, but that she can’t wait for him anymore. Using the Ice Talisman, she sends up a beam of light that Lin Dong and the rest of the group can see. Lin Dong knows she’s going to become the Ice Master and wonders if she’ll still remember him.

After some sad music, we are back in the Demon Domain. Xiao Yan wakes up, thinking it’s raining, but it’s Lin Diao dripping wine on him. Xiao Yan lectures him since they are supposed to be guarding the Sky Cave. Suddenly there is another earthquake and they run to the cave.

Inside the Sky Cave, Lang Tian and the Sixth Prince watch the seal on the Emperor’s body break open and he appears, laughing victoriously. The Sixth Prince kneels, but Lang Tian does not, suddenly thinking of Qing Tan and Lin Dong. He is ready to kill the Emperor, but then Qing Zhi appears to greet the Emperor and Lang Tian drops his sword. Qing Zhi presents him with energies from various beings including Su Su and introduces himself as the Fifth Yimo Prince. The Emperor doesn’t believe he is an Yimo and Lang Tian asks why he didn’t fight for the Emperor before. The Emperor tells them that he expects them both to serve him the same as the Sixth Prince who offers all the energies in his body to him. They watch as the Sixth Yimo Prince merges with the Emperor and then both kneel and offer themselves, though clearly not all that eager to do so.

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Suddenly Lang Tian and Qing Zhi both find themselves in the Fetal Plane. Lang Tian realises what it is and wonders how he can use it to become even more powerful. Lang Tian suggests the Emperor go to Flame City to recuperate. He agrees and asks them to help him destroy his former prison.

Outside, Sky Marten soldiers are waiting to fight them. When Lang Tian tells him to prove his loyalty, Qing Zhi takes them out. As they leave, Lin Diao and Xiao Yan arrive with others, but Qing Zhi causes rubble to fall down so they can’t follow them and to keep them safe.

In the desert Lin Dong stops Lin Xiao as he runs through the desert after the Emperor. He’s angry about his people being killed and at having not guarded the cave or his people well. And then Lin Dong blames himself. When he mentions a transport malfunction, Lin Diao points out that Qing Zhi was in charge of that and they realise he is on the other side. Other Sky Marten soldiers arrive, announcing that the Emperor is now in Flame City courtesy of the City Leader.

Qing Zhu arrives at the Flame God Temple and finds Qing Zhi surrounded by dead soldiers. She demands that he tell her that he didn’t kill them, but he says he did and that he killed her mother. Lin Diao and Xin Qing arrive to kill him for killing their people. When Lin Dong brings up Qing Zhi’s promise not to kill innocent people again after what happened to the Thunder Clan, Qing Zhu realises that he killed those people also. She is desperate to believe that he did it because he was forced to, but he claims to have done it willingly. Lin Diao demands that Lin Dong kill him while Qing Zhu still refuses to believe her father is evil and keeps Lin Dong from doing anything. But when Qing Zhi tries to attach Qing Zhu, Lin Dong stops between them and ends up bound to her. Lin Dong is able to break the bonds and has everyone leave with him before Qing Zhi can give their energy to the Emperor. The Yimo Emperor, having watched all this, is impressed by him. When Lang Tian offers to go catch them to give their energy to the Emperor, Qing Zhi stops him, not certain that he actually would be able to catch them. He suggests that they instead guard the Emperor as he regains his power and then catch the others, and the Emperor agrees. The two men eye each other, not certain of each other’s motives.

Qing Zhu is having a temper tantrum and taking it out on the sand as Qing Tan watches her. She sits with her after she collapses and listens as Qing Zhu vents her frustration, having also gone through the same thing with Lang Tian. She tells Qing Zhu to trust her father one more time if she still believes in him while also admitting that she knows Lang Tian is too far gone to be saved.

In an underground volcano, Qing Zhi and Lang Tian visit the Emperor and kneel before him. The Emperor is impatient and wants to be at full power as soon as possible. He tells them to find someone with strong cultivation so that he can exchange his body. Lang Tian offers up his body, but Qing Zhi suggests that Lin Dong would be a better choice. Lang Tian tries to argue, but Qing Zhi is able to convince the Emperor. Lang Tian then tries to convince the Emperor that Qing Zhi is not to be trusted while Qing Zhi brings up Lang Tian’s past plans to destroy the Emperor as reason not to trust him. The Emperor, liking the idea of using Fu Zu’s successor as his puppet, tells them to proceed with the plan to get Lin Dong and Lang Tian can only acquiesce.

 photo eps56_3.jpg

In Flame City, Ling Shan is taking care of her sister. Xiao Yan checks on her to see how she is doing and is upset to hear that Xin Qing can’t use her voice, while Lin Diao is annoyed his best buddy is all girl crazy. When Xiao Yan offers to take care of Xin Qing for the rest of his life, she is happy and says something to her sister, but Ling Shan tells him that she said he’s not capable and he gets more upset. Xin Qing tells her sister something else and Ling Shan then tells him that she has something to tell him when her voice heals.

Lin Diao is annoyed that Qing Zhi hurt the Princess and Lin Dong, and wants to use his tribes punishment methods on him. When Lin Dong wonders if he’d use the same methods on him if he went bad, Lin Diao refuses to believe that Lin Dong would ever betray them or, that if he did, he would have a reason for it. Lin Diao goes back to spying on his friend while Lin Dong thinks. He suspects Qing Zhi has a reason for doing what he did.

In the spiritual domain, he beats up Qing Zhi for what he did, but the City Leader insists he had to do it in order to spy on the Emperor. Lin Dong tells him he’s no better than Lang Tian and he agrees, but doesn’t see any other way. Then he asks Lin Dong for his help, not wanting to trust Lang Tian. He tells Lin Dong of his suggestion for the Emperor to use his body and that, at his weakest moment, they can kill him. Lin Dong agrees to the plan despite the risk. When Lin Dong asks if Su Su is still alive, he confirms that she is. When Lin Dong asks why he is keeping this from Qing Zhu, he insists he has to to make everything seem more realistic.

 photo eps56_4.jpg

Back in the Temple, Su Su is guarding over Qing Zhi as he is in the spiritual domain. Hearing Lang Tian approach, she hides. Lang Tian transports himself into the room where Qing Zhi appears to be looking at a map. As Lang Tian looks him, he asks him what he thinks of planning an ambush in one location on the map. Lang Tian agrees to whatever he wants and Qing Zhi asks him to stay and guard Flame City.

With Lang Tian gone, Su Su comes out of hiding and hugs Qing Zhi. He feels bad for keeping her locked up, but she knows what has to be done and reassures him.

 photo eps57_1.jpg

Lin Dong wakes up and listens to his friends talking. Ling Shan tells him the news about the Emperor going out to heal at the springs. As they talk about doing a surprise attack on the Emperor, Lin Dong says nothing. (Aw, look at Xiao Yan taking care of his girlfriend. So cute.) He sneaks out without them noticing and seals up the exit to keep them from following after him. But after he leaves, Lang Tian appears and uses his powers on the barrier as well to weaken it. (Awww, can someone kill him already?!)

At the springs, the Emperor is healing himself as Qing Zhi and his guards keep watch. The Emperor transforms in to a green ball of energy and starts sucking the yuan energy out of all the guards, much to Qing Zhi’s surprise. Suddenly Lin Dong comes up out of the sand with his Fierce Sky Halberd and runs to attack the Emperor. Qing Zhi fights him with both men trying to make it as realistic as possible, even if it means Lin Dong has to hurt him. When Lin Dong throws his Halberd at the Emperor, Qing Zhi grabs him and throws him to the ground. They watch as the ball of energy suddenly disintegrates and hear Lang Tian laughing. Suddenly Lang Tian is standing over Lin Dong with his sword pressed against his chest.

Lin Dong’s friends discover the barrier and realise he left without them. They wonder what to do, worried for Lin Dong’s safety. Lin Diao suggests they use their talismans together to break it when Xin Qing notices the weakness in the barrier and points it out.

Lang Tian and Qing Zhi approach the now bound up body of Lin Dong and Lang Tian kicks him over. He insists he is there to help the Fifth Yimo Prince and makes as if to kill Lin Dong while Qing Zhi tries to keep him from hurting him on the pretext that he is saving the body for the Emperor. Lang Tian clearly doesn’t trust him. Suddenly Lin Dong hears his friends looking for him and he yells out to them to leave. Lang Tian decides to go play with them. (So in Lang Tian’s head, he wants to kill the Emperor, but still insists on killing Lin Dong’s friends? Seriously, if he isn’t dead at the end of this series, I’m going to lose it.)

 photo eps57_2.jpg

Lang Tian fights with the gang while Qing Zhi takes Lin Dong back to the Flame God Temple. Lin Dong tries to get him to let him go fight Lang Tian, but Qing Zhi tells him that the Emperor is his goal, not Lang Tian. As Lang Tian fights Lin Dong’s friends, he infects Xiao Yan who starts attacking the rest of the gang. They try to help Xiao Yan, but he can’t fight off the enchantment and continues to fight them. Qing Tan again tries to talk to Lang Tian who will only tell her that everything will be over soon. (And does he think that then she’ll forgive him?)

Qing Zhi lectures Lin Dong that the Yimo win because humans always let their emotions dictate their actions and that how he is behaving now is what the Emperor wants most. With no other options, he has to take Lin Dong to the Emperor. Qing Zhu shows up to stop them, but Qing Zhi puts a force field around her to keep her from following. When she asks for an explanation, he gives her none and just leaves. (She really is very bad at her job.)

Qing Tan is feeling sorry for herself while Lin Diao and the Princesses fight Xiao Yan. Finally Qing Tan realises that she’ll need to use her powers against her friend, but just as she is about to strike him, Xin Qing knocks him out of the way and he begins to strangle her. (Umm… I don’t like this where this is going…)

Qing Zhu is back in Flame City and sees the same water salesman. He asks where she is off to and she shares her woes with him. He offers her water without taking payment and tries to cheer her up. But then he does take money for intel on Lin Dong and tells her that he is being held in the prison in the Flame God Temple. Then he tells her that the spring water has disappeared in the city and that she should leave.

Xiao Yan is no longer infected, but now is depressed. We see in a flashback that Xin Qing sang and helped get rid of the Yimo enchantment from him, but that he still ended up killing her before he was completely healed. Ling Shan tells him that her sister was going to tell him that she liked him and she tells him that she didn’t blame him. She gives Xiao Yan her sister’s monster essence so that he can take care of her forever.

(My feelings about the series at this point would best be summed up by Aarif Rahman:)

Qing Zhi visits the imprisoned Lin Dong who asks for an update on his friends and is told that Xin Qing is dead, but the others are still alive. Qing Zhi tries to get Lin Dong to focus on the task at hand as someone out in the hall listens to them. Lin Dong wonders if he has any countermeasures should their plan fails and finally tells Qing Zhi to just kill him if the Emperor takes his body to save everyone else. The hooded figure arrives and it is Su Su. She promises that the two of them will accompany him until the end and not let him die alone.

Su Su and Qing Zhi talk about their daughter, the past and everything that is going on now. Su Su is certain their daughter will forgive them in the future and understand why they did what they did. Suddenly Qing Zhi uses his powers to bind Su Su, wanting to keep her safe so that Qing Zhu won’t have to lose everyone she loves.

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Lang Tian arrives at the temple and finds that it is protected by a magical barrier, but he is able to use his powers to break through. Qing Zhi tells Lin Dong that Lang Tian has figured out what is going on and they need to change their plan. As Qing Zhi leaves, Lang Tian attacks him and faces down Lin Dong, criticizes him for still trying to be the hero and save others. He starts beating up Lin Dong who doesn’t fight back. When Lin Dong asks him what he wants, he tells him that he wants to save people and be the real hero. Still angry that Lin Dong has gotten everything that should have been his and forced him to become an Yimo, he wants to make Lin Dong beg him. Lin Dong begs him to let Qing Zhi go, but Lang Tian just gets angry that he would beg for someone he barely knows but not care about him. He insists that he was helping Lin Dong the whole time because his acting was so fake and reveals that he plans to kill the Emperor and leaves it up to Lin Dong to believe him or not. He leaves and Lin Dong and Qing Zhi try to decide if they want to believe him or not. Qing Zhi doesn’t want to, but Lin Dong wants to give him a chance. (And how is the Emperor not hearing any of this?)

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Xiao Yan is sad while Qing Tan is yelling at him for some reason. He grabs at his chest, not sure why it hurts so much and Qing Tan has to explain that it is his heart and the human emotions he is feeling.

I’m really glad there are only three episodes left. It feels like this ending is getting way too complicated with two double agents both working against each other though they have a common goal of killing the Yimo Emperor, plus all these new enchantments and ranks and a Fetal Plane and so on. Lang Tian had been so well developed as a bad guy and now he’s back to insisting he’s a good guy, but doing things that make no sense whatsoever for his goal. At this point it feels like if the Yimo lose, it’s because they were too stupid. How is the Yimo Emperor able to hear everything that is going on at one point and then not hear any of it the next? Here you’ve got Lang Tian and Qing Zhi shouting about their plans to take down the Emperor and he doesn’t know about any of it? In the very same location where he heard Qing Zhi tell his daughter that he killed her mother? I didn’t read the book, but it feels like they wanted to cram in things from the book without thinking about how it would work for the series. Less is more, people. And this close to the end, less would make me not want to through a rock through my TV.
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The Emperor comes to get his new body, and Qing Tan and Lang Tian are still working on this closure thing.

Everyone meets the Ice Master and the Talisman Masters face off against Lang Tian.

Lin Dong and Lang Tian have their final show down while the gateway to the Yimo world opens.

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