Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

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Not a bad start. The songs are heavenly and addicting once you settle into the groove. Chris Wu is back. I didn’t get to see him in King Flower, so I had to check this one out for the dude (and the new hair!) Though I do like when his bangs are not covering his forehead and monkey ears.

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She was 9 when they met at a local temple, competing for the final performance of the night.

He was in a band named arrogantly as the Winner Band.

She was a popular child actress at the time while he and his band struggled to make ends meet.

His band defied the person in charge and took over the last performance, and she came into the scene, marveling at the free-spirited folks onstage. She was dazzled. Inspired. And so she listened.

And that was how she spent the last minute of 2005. When the camera captured the rowdy crowd, she was pushed onstage into the frame. It was the last time her face graced the camera nationally, while his glorious days have just begun.

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8 years later. He, Zhou Shu Yu (Chris Wu), has become a famed music producer and songwriter of a company abbreviated as B.S. (I did not make this up.) As a music genius, it comes with a string of unpleasant personality quirks. Aside from avoiding interviews, Shu Yu believes that his fans do not need to infiltrate his private life. “All they need to do is enjoy my music, anything else is unnecessary,” he says in his first television appearance to an already annoyed interviewer. Some would wonder why he accepted the interview? Simple, the television company promises to endorse their next album and broadcast their music video around the clock. It’s no longer about just him in this case, so Shu Yu compromises for the sake of his company and artists.

When pictures of him biting his girlfriend, Yang Jia Xin (Nita Lei)’s finger showed up, Shu Yu flares his nose. Deep down he’s beyond agitated, but to give the interviewer a taste of his flaming personality, Shu Yu presents another scandalous piece of news by planting a deep (but fake kiss) to the man’s sausage lips. His band mate and best friend, Xu Li Da (Mike Lee), along with the newly hired assistant, Guan Guan (Lin Wei Ting), drop their jaws in unison.

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Meanwhile she, Lin Wei Zhen (Kimi Hsia), has virtually disappeared from the map of the entertainment business, as she’s been participating in countless auditions in the city. Her opening lines entail the following information, “Hello everyone! I’m Lin Wei Zhen. Before I was 15, I’ve filmed 30 commercials. Besides, I’ve been on the Seven Lights show, chosen as the Cute Fairy, Sister Tomato, and also won First Place in the Soy Milk Princess competition!”

As you guessed, Wei Zhen’s next competition is held by Shu Yu’s company. Spirited and eager, she bumps into Shu Yu in the elevator, where she shows him her unrivaled perkiness and little respect for personal space, intruding and touching him during their ride together. Moreover, she thinks he’s just another friend joining the audition, so they ought to cheer each other on.

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Once they settle down in the room full of talented folks, Shu Yu sits back and observes while Wei Zhen yaps on and on about her successful past until she accidentally elbows her bag onto the floor, spilling her things, one of which includes her diary. Which is then picked up by a pair of dancers who are proud about their synchronization, even when bullying another person. They invite themselves to read her diary pages out loud and what does Wei Zhen do? Like a sheep, she darts her eyes around and gives an awkward smile. REALLY? Where did your energy go?! Use it for justice!

And thus, Shu Yu steps in to seize the diary back and shakes Wei Zhen’s shoulders when she wants to show him her secret weapon. He infers it as bribery and spits out, “I suggest that you focus on the competition only. Even if you fail 50 or even 100 times, at least you gave them a try. It’s better than using some underhanded maneuvers. Remember, don’t forget your original intent!”

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The audition. Wei Zhen dances with all her energy and heart but Shu Yu watches with a bored expression, expecting to find raw talents and indomitable spirit. He doesn’t get to watch the whole performance because a phone call from Guan Guan informs him that Jia Xin’s fan meeting has intrigued a old troublemaker. That call is all it takes for Shu Yu to drop every thing in his hands and flees to her side.

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The aforementioned man is Ge Chong Ming, known in the business as Old Ge. He wants to recruit Jia Xin to this company, therefore, before Shu Yu makes it there, he challenges her pride, “How did you become so famous? You are famous because of Zhou Shu Yu. Without him, you wouldn’t have the status you have today. The kind of treatment today. The kind of scene today.” Offended, she disagrees with him and replies that she also has her abilities, even if Shu Yu has been shaping her career. Snickering, Old Ge plants an idea into her head, “What they say in the record industry? New waves push over the old waves. If you don’t start adjusting and making changes, it won’t take long for all the new talents to step over your head.”

At the speed of light (not bad for a boyfriend?), Shu Yu bursts into the spacious room and places himself in front of Jia Xin. How much do I like that he intends to guide her away by having his hand in her back, sort of like a body guard? Turns out Old Ge has bigger motives because he extends his offer to Shu Yu too, guaranteeing to double their market value within a year. Based on their gestures, this isn’t the first time Old Ge has entered the picture because Shu Yu rolls his eyes at the offer. When prompted by Old Ge to perform, since he bought all the tickets to Jia Xin’s fan meeting, Shu Yu passively plays a piano piece on a nearby grand baby. I feel like this song is so common that it’s absurd I can’t list the name. Help me out here folks!

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Disappointed about the premature ending to her performance, Wei Zhen treads home in heavy steps, but her voice takes a cheery tone with a phone call from her mother, Lin Mei Nu (Wang Juan). She assures the older woman that she has been accepted into the same company that manages famous starlet, Jia Xin. She tells her mother not to spread the news to other people yet, because she’s considered as the company’s secret weapon, in training.

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Being chosen as Cola’s latest spokesperson, Jia Xin smiles at the flashing cameras, with reporters crowding around for the latest scoop on her new album. They wonder whether she’s putting in her own flavors, and Jia Xin hesitates, before replying that she’ll be including some songs that she personally composed. Surprised, the reporters look to Shu Yu, who is sitting three feet away.

Flabbergasted by her revelation, Shu Yu’s face speaks volume of his disapproval, he neither agrees or disagrees, and chooses to walk away.

Jia Xin tries to keep the smile on her face, but she fails.

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Back to Wei Zhen. Now that she has bombed her audition, a close friend, Ma Ding Ni (Ma Nian Xian), gives her a waitress job at his bar. It’s clear as the sky that he also harbors a one-sided crush on the young lady.

WAIT! That’s not all. As he walks upstairs, he finds a troubled Shu Yu sitting and tapping the table quietly. They are friends. Connection! Ding! Ding! Ding! He introduces Shu Yu to Wei Zhen, claiming desperately, “This affects my future happiness!” Poor nugget, he’s introducing his crush to her future bf. They recognize each other but Shu Yu has had a stressful day, so he quickly leaves without saying goodbye, leaving Wei Zhen hanging with her CD again.

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Shu Yu comes home and sees Jia Xin. He confesses that he’s not angry, just curious about her abrupt decision without seeking for his opinion. Jia Xin: “I just wanted to incorporate my own personality into this CD.” He shakes his head lightly, “But writing music is not your strength. I think you’ve been too impulsive.”

She looks at him. “You won’t even let me try. How do you know I can’t do it?”

Seeing no way out of this one, Shu Yu steps closer, grabs a chair and sits right behind her. That’s quite affectionate, no? He wraps his arms around her and says, “OK then. You should give it a try. Write a song to include in the album. But it must be good.” Her spirit is lifted and they snuggle.

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Next day, Jia Xin performs her own song in front of Shu Yu and Li Da. I don’t know about you ladies, but guys, isn’t she the loveliest creature in the room with the dreamy light casting over her head while she sings? I forget to breathe. Like an Angel. So pretty!

Unfortunately, the positive expectation in her eyes rapidly disappears with a head shake from the critical Shu Yu. He gives her a half-hearted answer, “Not bad to be honest. However, your song has a different tone to the album.” The final decision? Nope!

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Seeing her dejected self, Li Da decides to take her out to….Ding Ni’s bar! The man is not here and the two customers are drawn by a lovely tune downstairs. It’s Wei Zhen playing the piano and humming to her father’s favorite song. The song captures Jia Xin’s heart and she asks an overly excited Wei Zhen to include the song in her album. Being the fan girl that she is, Wei Zhen feels honored at the offer.

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Next day, Jia Xin hums the songs to Shu Yu, and he’s immediately engrossed in the tune, raising his hands to whip out inspiring lyrics.

After she’s done, he asks, “You wrote it?”

To Li Da’s dismay, she responds, “Yes.”

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Why did you lie, Angel?!


Kap: Let’s get this over with, but Wei Zhen grated me several times in just one episode. She reminds me of Ping An from Borrow Your Love but Ping An is humorous for one. Second, she stands up for herself while this lady here sits there like a meek Cinderella. In two words, she’s like an energizer Bunny, there’s no end to the perkiness and tendency to intrude other’s personal space. And the naivety….What’s this about? I would give her a break but she’s not new to the entertainment and it’s impossible to avoid bullying in this business.

Which is why the last five minutes were surprising when she’s quiet and pensive and beautiful to watch! Why didn’t you sing THAT song earlier dear? Surely, you learn a thing or two about body language growing up? Am I being too harsh? Nahhh…I want to like her! There’s potential but I really don’t want to see another bumbling flower.

My attitude towards Shu Yu changed back-and-forth throughout the episode because he seems like a nice boyfriend but then it appears that he’s the type to say it’s okay to try….but after you do, he turns you down with lame reasons like the the tone is different, no money to buy more lights for the Angel.

And Chris Wu. Boy, boy, boy. Someone needs to feed this poor lad. I feel like his face shrinks the more I see him. Nice hair color though.

Nita Lei. Such a gorgeous mixed actress. I hope she doesn’t end up being second fiddles like Tiffany Hsu for years. I think I gotta like her with Mike Lee, the actor behind Li Da. He seems super sweet!

Ending themesong: Soon, Happiness – Jia Jia. She should sing a song for all dramas!

  1. 7 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

    i love the ending song by jia jia!!

    chris does look really skinny in here. lol.

    and the girl is like that?!

  2. 7 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

    Great recap and screencaps! Love Chris Wu’s hair in this. 😉

    Have to agree with you about Wei Zhen’s hyper-ness can get irritating, and her naivety gets worse in episode 2! You’d think after 100 auditions she would at least think about singing the song that is actually good, Just feels like something is not connecting in her head…. oh well, at least Chris and Mike Lee is good to look at. No compliants there!

  3. 7 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

    Frea, it’s a lovely song. I even want the humming version!

    Kat, that’s sad….She’s worst in episode 2?!! But But…if I can’t get behind the female lead, I could hardly enjoy the story. *breathes heavily*

    • 7 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

      Hrm… yes and no. Like, when she’s naive…she just hits a new level of blur-ness, but then when she’s back to normal… it’s wayyy more likeable? I don’t know how I feel about her.

  4. 7 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

    Are u gonna upload this one?:)

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      Most likely not because our friend Oriental Subs has. Bigger team of uploaders and softsub rippers. AVV will run out of projects soon! 😉

  5. 7 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Road: Episode 1 “Great songs!”

    what’s the title of the song that jia xin composed which chris wu didn’t like? actually sounds pretty good:)…

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