Cdramas to Air: Simmer Down, Master of My Own, The Wind Blows From Long Xi

Is there anyway to catch up with the current airing Cdramas? Nah.

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=======> ♦ Simmer Down (好好说话) with Chen Xiao and Wang Xiao Chen to air 4/25. Chen Xiao stars as a TV host who has troubles dealing with his own problems/communicating, until a slew of conflicts comes his way, forcing him to confront his own past.

Lai Yi for Maymay. 😛

=======> ♦ Master of My Own (请叫我总监) with Tan Song Yun and Lin Geng Xin to air 4/26. Our heroine dreams of working in the investing world but her boss doesn’t think she has what it takes.

=======> ♦ Adapted from the novel by Ma Bo Yong, The Wind Blows From Long Xi (风起陇西) with Chen Kun and Bai Yu to air 4/27.

Qiyi describes the plot: In 228 AD, the Shu army defeated Wei in the Northern Expedition. According to the analysis by the intelligence department of the state of Shu, the false information that led to the misjudgment of the Shu army was sent by Chen Gong, a senior spy lurking in Wei. Shu’s counterintelligence expert Xun Xu was ordered to infiltrate Wei to investigate Chen Gong. Chen Gong passed Xun Xu’s investigation. They found that inside the intelligence department of Shu, there had been an undercover Cao Wei, codenamed “Candle Dragon”. “Candle Dragon” not only replaced Chen Gong’s intelligence, but also planned to steal the design of Shu’s repeated crossbow. Tu’s secret operation started the “Qingping Plan” to create chaos in Shu. Xun Xu returned to Shu Kingdom, ready to work together with Chen Gong to find out the true body of “Candle Dragon”. Xun Xu successfully prevented Wei from stealing the secrets of the repeated crossbow, and found the traitor hidden in the intelligence department of Shu. Chen Gong returned to Shu after his undercover career, and went through many tests with Xun Xu, and finally revealed the truth behind the “Qingping Plan”. In the face of the righteousness of the family and the country, Xun Xu and Chen Gong made the right choice at an important juncture, cracked the enemy’s sinister conspiracy, and maintained the stability and unity of the country.

Gorgeous stills and atmospheric sets. And then there’s Bai Yu. <3

  1. One thought on “Cdramas to Air: Simmer Down, Master of My Own, The Wind Blows From Long Xi

    chen xiao has no luck in modern dramas… seems to be doing the same one back-to-back, waiting for his ancient drama with MXT

    like tsy but not lgx so skipp!

    looking forward to longxi!! chen kun has been overacting lately but i like bai yu so! <3

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