Qu Chu Xiao and Chen Yu Qi protect cultural treasures in Mystery of Antiques 3

Mystery of Antiques 3 (古董局中局之掠宝清单) is the third part following 2018’s Mystery of Antiques, 2020’s Antique Bureau Midgame, all based on Ma Bo Yong’s novel series, The Game of Antiques.

WeTV provides the synopsis: “In 1928, an evil wind swept Beijing City. In the name of birthday celebration, the director of the police department imprisoned the big shots in the antique industry. When the Five Houses were in crisis, Xu Yi Cheng (male lead) went to great lengths and settled it. What’s worse, Chen Weili, Xu’s old friend, was murdered in the street. Before his death, Chen sent a note to Xu, on which “Wind” and “Earth” were faintly marked. Xu investigated it and surprisingly found Chen’s death concerned with the Japanese. Yu Fang, a prince of the former dynasty, confessed that Concubine Shu Shen’s tomb in Dongling was robbed, and asked Xu to help resolve the Dongling crisis. Xu sensitively realized that the Dongling crisis was related to the death of his friend Chen. For the country, to avoid China’s national treasures stolen by the enemy; in private, to uncover the truth about his friend’s death, Xu Yi Cheng, with the help of the royal descendant, Hai Lan Zhu (female lead), Liu Yi Ming from the Five House, Huang Kewu, and his friend Fu Gui, braved the Ping’an City and prevented the outflow of the treasures.”

In short, our couple is trying to protect their cultural treasures from greedy hands. xD

Airing 7/21 ~

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Movie Date with Kap (34): Love O2O (China, 2016)

Can you believe our last movie date was in 2014?! This poor feature being forgotten and shoved in the last bunk of this ship. Let’s bring it back for our Saturday’s movie night! Feel free to drop movie suggestions through here or our twitter and if we can find quality sources, we’ll share it here. If you would like to review any movies, also let us know! It’s a one-time commitment to share your opinion!

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