Yang Zi and Xu Kai is each other’s Best Choice Ever in upcoming modern drama

Best Choice Ever (承欢记) is adapted from the novel written by Yi Shu.

Synopsis from Tencent: Mai Chenghuan, a girl born in an ordinary family in Shanghai in the 1990s, is urged by her mother, Liu Wanyu, to discuss marriage with her boyfriend, Xin Jialiang. However, the affluent economic conditions of Xin’s family upset the originally equal emotional relationship. At the same time, Mai’s mother’s excessive interference in her daughter’s lifelong affairs accelerates the breakup between Mai Chenghuan and Xin Jialiang. Caught between filial piety and loyalty to oneself, Mai Chenghuan struggles. She gradually breaks free from her mother’s dominant care and becomes more focused and enterprising in her work. Mai Chenghuan’s transformation is recognized by her grandmother, who entrusts her with the important responsibility of managing the family’s most valued hotel business. Yao Zhiming, the grandson of the grandmother and a professional hotel manager, gradually understands and approves of Mai Chenghuan in their cooperation. They become work partners, advancing hand in hand. In their personal lives, Yao Zhiming is surrounded by the warmth beneath the fireworks of the Mai family, and his feelings for Mai Chenghuan gradually heat up. From “beneath Chenghuan’s knees” to “achieving self,” Mai Chenghuan has embarked on an extraordinary journey of growth that is uniquely her own.

Airing today 4/9~

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Round-Up of Cdramas Airing: A Camellia Romance, Delicious Romance, Lie To Love, Heart of Loyalty, Party A Who Lives Beside Me, and more

Happy Friday Everyone! This is just a summary of dramas that have aired this past week or will be airing in a few days. 🙂

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Qiyi’s dramas Began Filming: Zhang Tian Ai’s Fighting For Love, Chen Xiao’s The Ingenious One

Whoopsie! This post is nearly 2 weeks late. It was just sitting in my draft section as the airing dramas one after another distracted me. Lol.

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First Impression: What do you think of The Way We Were with Tang Yan and Luo Jin?

Is it the real life couple’s 5th collaboration? Tang Yan and Luo Jin are back at it in the new modern drama, The Way We Were. The story follows four students studying abroad, searching for intellect and love. Our female lead is a smart girl, pursuing a degree in law, unique in that she rises to the top based on her own efforts. The two leads meet and fall in love but a crisis comes their way. The hero is involved in exposing their dads’ criminal activity and our heroine is caught in between as a witness. Ultimately, the culprit is revealed and there’s a heavy price to pay. Everyone grows up in the process, understanding humanity and the value of life, returning to the path of justice.

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Luo Jin’s Drama Updates: Return to college days in The Way We Were and My Story For You

No one is luckier than Luo Jin these days, he gets to work with real life girlfriend Tang Yan (5th time!) in The Way We Were after collaborating with humbling bee Zheng Shuang in My Story For You, both dramas feature the beautiful college days, one overseas and one back in 90s China.

UPDATE: Trailers for the other two unaired dramas: The Gods and modern drama Love’s Lies.

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Drama The Left Ear with Zheng Kai and Mi Mi to air in August 2017

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been two years since the last time I wrote about youth drama, The Left Ear (左耳). As a refresher, it’s adapted from a Chinese novel about teenage love and regrets written by Rao Xue Man. It was adapted before into a movie featuring Yang Yang and Sandra Ma in 2015. The drama version features a wagon of pretty faces and let’s hope for more emotional beats with depth and developments.

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Cdrama: Fighter of the Destiny, Surgeons Episodes

Just to get it out officially (if you missed my other update) since I did cover Bai Bai He and her husband, Chen Yu Fan‘s news. They posted on weibo about it, announcing that they have been divorced since 2015 but didn’t announce the news to the public for the sake of their child. They apologize for causing suffering to both sides of the family and their kid. To focus on his son, Chen Yu Fan will leave showbiz for an indefinite amount of time. I’m glad everything is sorted out peacefully. It’s rare for both parties to be understanding and supportive. It was really them against the world for a few days.

With the gray clouds no longer over our heads, let’s move on to the first round of drama premieres!

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