Drama The Left Ear with Zheng Kai and Mi Mi to air in August 2017

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been two years since the last time I wrote about youth drama, The Left Ear (左耳). As a refresher, it’s adapted from a Chinese novel about teenage love and regrets written by Rao Xue Man. It was adapted before into a movie featuring Yang Yang and Sandra Ma in 2015. The drama version features a wagon of pretty faces and let’s hope for more emotional beats with depth and developments.

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Mi Mi plays our heroine , Li Er, a 17-year old high-school student with a deaf left ear. She has a crush on the top kid at school (Huang Ren De) and befriends a rebellious bar girl (Ma Yin Yin) of the same age. Her world takes a turn when the said bar girl is tasked by the boy’s half brother (Zheng Kai) to ruin him. The bar girl accomplishes her mission but at a great price…. if you have watched the movie, you know the tragic ending…

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Male lead Zhang Yang is played by Zheng Kai 2 (I added 2 because we have Run Brother‘s Ryan Zheng Kai as well).

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Bar girl is played Ma Yin Yin.

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Good boy turned bad is played by Huang Ren De (The Four Horsemen).

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Amelie Xu Ling Yue as Jiang Jiao, the girl who provides money flow to our poor hero and acts like a possessive girlfriend.

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Nerdy four eyes is Zhou You as You Ta, female lead’s protective cousin.

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Produced by Ciwen Media (The Journey of Flower, Hua Xu Yin: City of Desperate Love), The Left Ear drama is directed by Chen Hui Ling (Autumn’s Concerto, Le Jun Kai) and edited by the novel writer, Rao Xue Man. It premieres on August 21st with 30 episodes.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Drama The Left Ear with Zheng Kai and Mi Mi to air in August 2017

    Omg, the movie traumatised me so much, I really don’t like the hero because he practically ruined the 2nd hero’s life. Although he did apologize later, if he didn’t do what he did, I bet the 2nd hero wouldn’t change or turn to bad side, like dude, you totally destroy his life and you think a meer apology can make up all the after-effect? This movie really leave bad taste to my mouth and I swear I steer away from chinese movie for months because it’s so traumatizing.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Drama The Left Ear with Zheng Kai and Mi Mi to air in August 2017

    Although the movie didn’t live up to my expectation, but I like it enough, and the four leads delivered, with Sandra and Yang Yang being the standout (for me). So I will definitely compare the later adaptation(s) with the original movie. I don’t think I will follow the drama, perhaps just check an episode or two. I’m sure they will drag the story. 30 episodes are not long per today’s C-drama standard, but I doubt there’s enough material for 30 episodes. Must say the trailer doesn’t pull me in, especially the Li Er and Bala. Chen Duling (in the movie) was boring in the beginning but much later I thought her acting was getting stronger and nuanced. She’s not movie star pretty, more like a Zhou Dongyu. Mi Mi is a little too pretty and from the stills (and the trailer) doesn’t exude that quiteness like Duling did, which IMO should be part and package of the character. And don’t get me started with Bala, my favorite character of the movie. Sandra made me a fan with her portrayal — rebellious, sexy, vulnerable, longing for love. I don’t see those in the trailer. I know, it won’t be easy to make a different but equally engaging interpretation after one that earned Sandra her first Golden Horse nomination 🙂

  3. 3 thoughts on “Drama The Left Ear with Zheng Kai and Mi Mi to air in August 2017

    Disliked every character in the movie and found it very depressing =_= I think 2 hours was enough haha don’t think I can stomach 30 episodes

    But good to see some new faces in leading roles.

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