Round-Up of Cdramas Airing: A Camellia Romance, Delicious Romance, Lie To Love, Heart of Loyalty, Party A Who Lives Beside Me, and more

Happy Friday Everyone! This is just a summary of dramas that have aired this past week or will be airing in a few days. 🙂

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=======> ♦ To Fly With You (陪你逐风飞翔) with Song Zu Er and Wang An Yu began airing 11/22.

=======> ♦ A Camellia Romance (许纯纯的茶花运) with Guo Zi Fan and Li Mo Zhi began airing 11/22. Qiyi Synopsis: It tells the sweet romantic love story between Xu Chunchun and Zhou Junjue who is the legitimate son of Zhou family. For this story, Xu Chunchun the only daughter of a silk and satin village wants to break away from her stepmother and realize her entrepreneurial dream.

=======> ♦ Psychologist (女心理师) with Yang Zi and Boran Jing began airing 11/23.

=======> ♦ The Memory About You (半暖时光) with Xu Ling Yue and Yang Xu Wen began airing 11/24.

=======> ♦ Delicious Romance (爱很美味) with Li Chun, Zhang Han Yun, and Wang Ju to air 11/26. Hoping this to be fun and positive!

=======> ♦ Party A Who Lives Beside Me (住在我隔壁的甲方) with Xie Bin Bin and Wang Zi Xuan to air 11/27.

=======> ♦ Heart of Loyalty (一片冰心在玉壶) with Zhang Hui Wen and Wu Xi Ze to air 11/29. Female lead wants to be a thief but she meets the handsome and legendary guard Zhan Zhao instead. Girl, you’re doomed!

=======> ♦ Lie to Love (良言写意) with Luo Yun Xi and Cheng Xiao also airing 11/30~

=======> ♦ Feng Qi Luo Yang (风起洛阳) with Huang Xuan, Song Qian, Wang Yi Bo, and Song Qi to air 12/1.

What do you think?