Jasper Liu romances Shen Yue in Use For My Talent

Use For My Talent (我亲爱的小洁癖) is an upcoming modern drama starring Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu and Chinese actress Shen Yue. The story follows our male lead who grew up in an incomplete family. He keeps a distance from others and has germophobia. The opposite is our female lead who once had a happy family until a car accident took away her mother. Moving forward, she becomes a person who doesn’t care about their outer appearance, always looking messy and not well put together. The two leads meet when she is hired at his cleaning company. They clash initially but slowly grow closer and fonder of each other. However, a layer of the past is peeled and a misunderstanding threatens to break them apart.

This sounds like a couple of dramas mashed together. Lol. Shen Yue gets all the tall leading male leads.

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First Stills and Booting Ceremony 5/30:

  1. 2 thoughts on “Jasper Liu romances Shen Yue in Use For My Talent

    This drama reminds me of Kim Yoo Jung’s drama, clean something. I forgot the title since i sopped watching at ep 2. Very typical romcom story. That drama didnt get high rating and only 1%. I hope this one isnt the remake of that drama. These two actors deserve better scripts.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Jasper Liu romances Shen Yue in Use For My Talent

    her acting is so average so ill be skipping this drama. lols

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