Zhou Yu Tong is on the roll with another drama Fall In Love With A Scientist with Jasper Liu

LOL. This girl is unstoppable! Most hard-working this year!

Adapted from the novel written by Ye Luo Wu Xin, Qiyi describes the story: It tells the dual love story of scientist Yang Lanhang (Jasper Liu) and Bai Lingling (Zhou Yu Tong) in the virtual and real world. The two met on the Internet in their early years. After Yang Lanhang returned to China, he was admitted to T University as a doctoral student. Unexpectedly, he ran into Bai Lingling, the “friend online” he was thinking of, and disrupted her carefully prepared thesis defense. In order to make up for it and to pursue Bai Lingling smoothly, Yang Lanhang continued to become a friend online to solve Bai Lingling on the one hand, and arranged Bai Lingling into the laboratory on the other hand. The misunderstanding between Bai Lingling and Yang Lanhang gradually resolved, and the two fought side by side, tackling tough issues, and sympathized with each other.

Airing 9/25~

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Cdrama Updates: Incomparable Beauty, Memory Of Encaustic Tile, My Dear Brothers, First Love Again, Bobby Au Yeung’s Witness to A Prosecution

This post is basically dedicated to dramas that just wrapped up filming recently. Didn’t want to overwhelm ya’ll with 10+ dramas like last time…so I just covered more than couple… Lol.

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Fall In Love With A Scientist with Jasper Liu and Zhou Yu Tong wrapped up filming

Fall In Love With A Scientist (当爱情遇上科学家) with Jasper Liu and Zhou Yu Tong wrapped up filming after 79 days. Adapted from the novel written by Ye Luo Wu Xin, the story follows our heroine’s confusing romance with two guys but he is really just one person. She meets him first as her online friend, supporting and developing feelings (while he’s living in the US) for a long while. Abandoning his bright future, he returns to China, hoping to finally meet her, but she has finally given up on this “online romance” thinking it’s better to live in reality. She blacklists his username in their chatroom. They meet again at a university and he’s now known as a black bellied scientist teaching as a professor, considered a dream man for all the female students. As she spends more time with her professor, learning, doing experiments, her feelings for him grow, rendering her a confused mess – does she still like her online friend? or has her love for her professor grown far more deeper? She finally meets up with her online friend and confronts her feelings for her professor. Same man. Lol. But their teacher-student relationship is frowned upon in society and she quits school, deciding to go study abroad in Japan. And it is there that they resolve all their pent-up feelings over the years.

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