Cdrama Updates: There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain, Royal Nirvana, The Listener, Sniper

Hope everyone is doing well! I have one more week left to my vacation. Pants are getting tight now. LOL.

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——> ♦♦♦ Life of The White Fox (白狐的人生) with Guo Jun Chen and Jia Zheng Yu started airing on 11/4. Story tells of a fox demon waking up in 21st century and has to make a living arrangement with a girl who now owns an item that will help cultivate his powers. Trailer looks fun.

——> ♦♦♦ There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain (超级网剧从前有座灵剑山) with Xu Kai and Zhang Rong Rong drops new promotional materials!

——> ♦♦♦ New trailer for Flavour It’s Yours (看见味道的你) with Gong Jun and Song Yi Ren as it begins airing on 11/7.

——> ♦♦♦ The Listener (心灵法医) with Song Yi and Nie Yuan releases new trailer. The story follows medical examiner in the field of forensic science. To premiere soon on Qiyi.

Click Here for the trailer. Sorry I can’t reupload since I’m a foreign computer.

——> ♦♦♦ Sniper (瞄准) with Huang Xuan, Chen He, and Yang Cai Yu drops new trailer.

——> ♦♦♦ New trailer for historical drama Royal Nirvana (鹤唳华亭) with Luo Jin, Li Yi Tong, and Jin Han. This one totally skipped my mind. Lol. It looks intense and it’s nice to see Luo Jin back in a serious role with the lovely Yi Tong.

——> ♦♦♦ Unrequited Love (暗恋橘生淮南) with Hu Yi Tian and Hu Bing Qing drops new trailer. This is the third installment after With You and Huckleberry Friends.

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