The Lost Tomb: Ultimate Note with Zeng Shun Xi, Xiao Yu Liang and Hani Kezi gears up for premiere

The Lost Tomb: Ultimate Note (终极笔记) is an adaptation of the 5th, 6th and 7th book of The Lost Tomb series as the trio of good friends tumble upon a mysterious lake with a big secret simmering underneath.

Honestly, I have lost track of all the adaptations in this franchise. Lol.

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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With The Note with Hou Ming Hao and Cheng Yi confirms broadcast

I’m not even gonna talk about the eagle elephant in the room cause my blood is boiled through the roof! Having a premiere date is nothing in China!

The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With The Note (盗墓笔记之怒海潜沙) with Hou Ming Hao, Cheng Yi, and Li Man will premiere on 6/6. Check out the promos below. Going by the Chinese title, it’s book 2 & 3 of the series.

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First Impressions: Tomb of the Sea (Cdrama, 2018)

Tomb of the Sea“《沙海》is a sequel to the popular 2015 series, “The Lost Tomb”, and based on a web novel taking place several years after the events of the first series, though with new actors. It stars Wu Leo (“Nirvana in Fire”) as a loser high school student who is suddenly kidnapped and taken to the desert to help locate a mysterious, forbidden city.

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Raymond Lam in Rule The World, Qin Jun Jie joins Lost Tomb 2

Photobucket is undergoing a long maintenance process which has many users frustrated, including me. So hang tight folks, the beautiful pictures in previous posts will come back…. right? RIGHT?

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The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

Is it Li Yi Feng‘s star power that this drama is getting so much promotions from Viki? Even I was surprised at how active they were in advertising for The Lost Tomb. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer because, it’s coming to us this friday! Mark your calendar! Count it down! Yep, they day I’m scheduled for work! All the glorious handsome men will have to wait for moi to come home… And yes, this is a project I plan to upload, among a few others.

New trailers and the themesong are released today. ^_^

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (11)

Being away for 7 days, I guess it is only appropriate to do another batch of entertainment news to catch up with the never-ending showbiz kazooka. As always, you can click on the tag of the drama/actor at the end of the post to see more written related posts of the subject.

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The Lost Tomb’s teaser feature collapsing caves and crawling critters

I was hoping for more horror elements since the novels are not shy of those scenes and descriptions. It’s only the first installment of a 8-part series so maybe they will go darker down the line. Premiering in June! A couple of more weeks to go.

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