The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

Is it Li Yi Feng‘s star power that this drama is getting so much promotions from Viki? Even I was surprised at how active they were in advertising for The Lost Tomb. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer because, it’s coming to us this friday! Mark your calendar! Count it down! Yep, they day I’m scheduled for work! All the glorious handsome men will have to wait for moi to come home… And yes, this is a project I plan to upload, among a few others.

New trailers and the themesong are released today. ^_^

More Stills:

 photo LT 71.jpg

 photo LT 70.jpg

 photo LT 69.jpg

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 photo LT 67.jpg

Our little Yang Yang giving his “Ge” the one-eyed glare. 😛

 photo LT 66.jpg

Tang Yan with the badass corn rolls!

 photo LT 65.jpg

 photo LT 64.jpg

 photo LT 63.jpg

Leon Lee. So many Leons in the industry!

 photo LT 62.jpg

Scenes from the past!

 photo LT 61.jpg

 photo LT 59.jpg

 photo LT 58.jpg

Liu Tian Zuo.

 photo LT 60.jpg

Yoki Sun.

 photo LT 57.jpg

Wei Wei. Such a cute name for a masculine man!

 photo LT 56.jpg

 photo LT 55.jpg

Ying Er.

 photo LT 54.jpg

Edward Zhang. His face screams villain already! Hot one at that!

 photo LT 53.jpg

Ken Chang.

 photo LT 52.jpg

Our lovable veteran grandma!

 photo LT 51.jpg

 photo LT 78.jpg

Press Conference Held Today:

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 photo LT 74.jpg

 photo LT 76.jpg

What’s so funny guys!! Adorbs.

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 photo LT 77.jpg

New Trailers:

Opening Themesong: The Truth – Jason Zhang

The trailers were much more better showing the full cast! Such pretty people and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds with the past and the present! The themesong, on the other hand, is disappointing. So slow!

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  1. 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

    Yes! I’m a happy fangirl at all the little pretties in this drama! Been waiting for this forever.

    • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

      Yes, we are. YES!

  2. 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

    Can’t wait to see this (after my exams)! Nice promos! The cast looks great and Yang Yang is one handsome lad – if only they get rid of that damn fringe covering half his face!!! LIKE WTF WERE THE STYLISTS THINKING 🙁

    MANY people said the song (Truth) was crap/disappointing/unfitting for an adventure/tomb raiding story. I totally agree with the “unfitting/disappointing” part! The song itself isn’t too bad, but just terrible as a theme song for a story like The Lost Tomb. However, after all the negative feedback, the studio has come out saying that this is actually an ending theme. They totally made it sound like it was the opening theme when they were promoting the song, so my mom and I think that they released the song early to test the market but after the negative feedback, decided to change their tune.

    IMHO the opening theme for something like The Lost Tomb should be a song that gets you excited and pumped up for adventure (because that’s what the story is about), not a SLOOOOW ballad that sounds more like a theme song for a modern/city romance or family drama.

    I hope the opening theme will be something better than this song (they should at least get Li Yifeng to sing a song or something, since he’s the main character and he’s a great singer anyway). Hmm the songs so far this season (HQG and Lost Tomb) are kinda lackluster. Where’s all the epicness???

    Btw have you seen this: 我是你的喋喋Phone (it’s on Youtube). It’s this promo web series for OPPO phones with a story like Absolute Darling: a socially awkward girl wins an OPPO phone that turns into a virtual reality young man (whose personality is a bit a jerk and teases the girl a lot). She’s secretly in love with the barista at the coffee shop at her uni and gets the phone man to help her and make the barista notice her. The phone man gives her a makeover and I bet he falls in love with her or something as the series goes on.

    (Yeah I know I’m supposed to be studying for my exams but oh well it’s only 15 mins per episode…)

    • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

      In terms of advertising/marketing, this plan of OPPO’s is genius – I bet this will make that OPPO R7 sell through the roof. I mean, I never even HEARD of this phone before, but now it’s like imprinted in my mind or something.

    • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

      Miss Shimo! Admit it! You’re not getting any studying done! LOL. XD

      Now I feel bad for the singer Jason with all the criticism online about his song. =( The production should know the tone for their opening themesong instead of “testing the audience” and waiting for their verdict. That’s just sly and unprofessional!

      I was gonna post about that web series because LYF looks so cute in it! =D But then I kept getting caught up with other news and pushed it back.

      • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

        LOL I need something to help relax~ 🙂
        Ah but seriously, I have to control myself … too many good dramas and stuff amidst all my exams! It always happens when dramas come out during June or November cuz they are exams months but just happen to be the same time as when dramas air…

        Well people are criticizing the songwriters rather than Jason himself. The general consensus is that it’s not his fault cuz he’s just doing his job as a singer and he sang that song well, it’s just the song itself is terribly unfitting for the Lost Tomb. TBH I’m quite surprised because the songwriters for this song is the same people as Ancient Sword and Fragrance (and MANY other great drama theme songs) – their past work is quite good so I’m confused as to why they stuffed up so badly with this song.

        The whole “testing the market” is just a fan theory between me and mom so I wouldn’t say that’s what they did, but it’s just that when they promoted it on weibo, etc. they used the words “theme song” and the way they said it implied “opening theme song” because the opening song is usually called “theme song”, whereas the ending theme is usually specified as “ending theme”.

        Yeah that 喋喋Phone series is quite fun! It’s basically an Absolute Darling ripoff but I guess it’s more quirky because the android (phone man) acts like a jerk to the girl instead of being the “perfect boyfriend” that Night (robot boyfriend from Absolute Darling) was. The premise is a little bit different with the girl getting phone man to be her wingman instead of her “perfect boyfriend” … but it’s just SO similar to Absolute Darling that it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

        LOL June must be LYF month or something cuz he’s like EVERYWHERE: the web series, The Lost Tomb, Happy Camp appearances, Forever Young promos … it’s a good thing he’s a charming bastard and I actually like the guy (I feel sorry for the haters cuz they’re gonna be bombarded by his face everywhere they go LOL)

        • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

          I have a 13-hour shift tomorrow, so Hua Qian Gu would have to wait. =(

          But if I were the singer, I’d feel somewhat disheartened to hear all the criticism from fans.

          Testing the market theory is not new in this industry. They do it all the time especially when casting actors for novel-to-drama adaptations, so I won’t be surprised if it was a strategy used here.

          I did not watch Absolute Darling so no comparison from moi. I think others did and they might find the new guy entertaining! I cannot imagine seeing someone I dislike everywhere in one month! Mental pills here I come! Lol.

      • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

        Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in waiting for HQG! I’ll be waiting too 🙂

        True about the criticism, but at least people made the distinction between the song and the singer and weren’t criticizing him personally – unlike in the cast testing that happens a lot (as you rightly mentioned) and people criticize the actors themselves.

        LOL I read the original manga and also watched the drama adaptation of Absolute Darling when it came out, so the similarities were almost in-your-face obvious for me. I can’t say about others, but I found the new guy (I assume you’re talking about phone man) entertaining. I mean, the first time he appeared, he was like “What’s this, a landfill?” about her dorm room, then he looked around and mocked her for being only an A cup and then lamented how his new master is so dimwitted. But then he pops out without being called when he thought she was in danger and after much wheedling and convincing from her, agrees to help her get her guy and gives her a makeover and everything LOL 🙂

        And all this just to market a new phone – excellent marketing strategy considering the phone is now getting a lot of attention from all this (and LYF’s legions of fans are already swearing to change their iPhones to the Oppo R7 LOL)

        • 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

          And this is why fangirls are poor! Excellent marketing strategies. XD

  3. 10 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

    yay!!! you will be uploading. thank you thank you thank you! Can’t thank you enough. Definitely on my sure-to-watch list.

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