Li Yi Feng signs 8-year contract for The Lost Tomb

Wow, remember the news I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, now it’s set in stone. I still can’t believe he actually signed a project that extends for 8 years, without knowing whether it’s going to be a success or not. It’s a risky move, me thinks. Now if they shoot in 3D, the production company must have real faith in it (TBBT joke). The TV series will follow American annual airing schedule, consisting of 8 seasons, each one is about 12 episodes long. When asked why he decided so early on, Li Yi Feng, replies, “The character Wu Xie and the premise of The Lost Tomb is attractive to me. Being able to take on such an interesting role is a lucky opportunity for any actors. Moreover, I think selling myself to Kennedy Xu (the author) is worth it.”

For your sake and for ours, I hope it’s worth the blinding dedication, honey.

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Drama adaptation of The Lost Tomb (Daomu) confirms Li Yi Feng as lead

Ooooooooo!! I’m excited about this piece of news because the premise of the novel series is freakin awesome! Written by Kennedy Xu, but the official title has been announced to be The Lost Tomb, a story about Wu Xie and his ragtag team of tomb-raiders in search of the lost treasures of the Warring States and the people/reason behind the massacre of his family. The suspenseful, action-packed adventures span over nine novels. Is this not an exciting plot or what? Besides having a drama version of the famed series, the novels will also be getting 8 movies, with the first one planned to hit theaters in 2016.

And which lucky duck has the honor of snatching the lead role, Wu Xie, but the oh-so-serious Li Yi Feng, currently adorning purple sailor moon’s uniform and putting on his best solemn face in Legend of the Ancient Sword. 😀

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