The Lost Tomb ramps up promo activities near premiere date!

Is it Li Yi Feng‘s star power that this drama is getting so much promotions from Viki? Even I was surprised at how active they were in advertising for The Lost Tomb. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer because, it’s coming to us this friday! Mark your calendar! Count it down! Yep, they day I’m scheduled for work! All the glorious handsome men will have to wait for moi to come home… And yes, this is a project I plan to upload, among a few others.

New trailers and the themesong are released today. ^_^

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The Lost Tomb’s teaser feature collapsing caves and crawling critters

I was hoping for more horror elements since the novels are not shy of those scenes and descriptions. It’s only the first installment of a 8-part series so maybe they will go darker down the line. Premiering in June! A couple of more weeks to go.

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