Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (22)

Officially older today! I feel the same as always. Tired! Funny how as you get older, birthdays become less of a big deal (duh, more wrinkles and white hair!!). I don’t even celebrate them anymore. My sweet, bubbly mom buys me a box of lobster and I’m good. Happy Birthday to all ya’ll November babies out there! Remember, live in the moment! 🙂

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5th Beijing International Film Festival

This is like the best time to check out what movies your favorite stars are in! And how entertaining it is for them to pick which movie to represent if they have more than one! HAR-HAR. It’s funny that some of them actually changed and then walked again for their other movie. 😉 Time to bust out those gowns and jewelries!

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Only good out of Goddess of Jung Yi: Moon Dates Bum

 photo JY5.jpg

Awwwwww! This is too cute, perfect for a gloomy friday on this side of the world. Both of their agencies have confirmed this morning that the two have been dating for a month. They grew fond of each other during filming, which wasn’t hard to catch on if you have seen the BTS videos. Kim Bum’s eyes just light up in her presence. It’s nice that they’re both honest with the press, unlike the usual, they’re only friends. These two are basically, “I want him!” “She’s my honey boo now.” hee!

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[Special] Kdrama: Boys Over Flowers Episodes


Hmm, Wangja likes his rivals inferior than him? LOL! It’s been a long while since I saw a poster still shrunk this small. Ah, so old skool. I like it.


I bet Wangja has huge posters of himself in his room. Kidding aside, sing with me… ALMOOOOOST PARAAAAAADISE!

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Smiles all around for Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon

 photo ROD9.jpg

Hmm, has anyone watched part 1 with Andy Lau? I’m not a movie person so I’ll leave it up to you guys to spread the word of mouth once you see this production in theaters on September 28th! Since the film is shot in stereoscopic 3D by Huayi Brothers Media, the quality must be amazing. If writing fails, you know you can shut off your brains and enjoy the technology and pretty people onscreen. Well, one might encounter the issue of “Where to look?” Korean actor, Kim Bum, will make his Chinese film debut as the scholar who romances the beautiful courtesan, played by Angelababy. Portraying the lead role is Mark Zhao, replacing Andy’s character as the young Detective Dee. Loosely, the premise revolves around the dangerous sea monster that has caused chaos in the Imperial Capital.

It’s directed by Tsui Hark, who has done The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011) among many others.

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Bum and Ho brothers (F2 of BOF) in June photo shoots

BHO (13)

I have to chuckle at my own attempt to shorten the topic title. They’re actually F2 from Boys Over Flowers doing their June pictorials for different magazines. But, hey, you get double the hotness in one post! Who would complain at the absurd title? We have noona killer Kim Bum in Men’s Uno for the June Chinese Edition and Mr. City-Hunter-to-saguek-hero Lee Min Ho for CeCi.

Have some pretty while you wait for another round of Gong Yoo’s abs in Episode 2 of Big. Yea. I peeked!

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