5th Beijing International Film Festival

This is like the best time to check out what movies your favorite stars are in! And how entertaining it is for them to pick which movie to represent if they have more than one! HAR-HAR. It’s funny that some of them actually changed and then walked again for their other movie. πŸ˜‰ Time to bust out those gowns and jewelries!

Alright let’s get the ball rolling here with Chen Qiao En. She has two films – I’ll Never Lose You and The Queens. She first walks the red carpet with Zhang Han and then joins the cast of The Queens later in the arms of Tony Yang. I like second dress better.

 photo Bei 8.jpg

 photo Bei 6.jpg

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 photo Bei 7.jpg

 photo 801c41f9-161b-4c33-a0e7-8890877528ff.jpg

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 photo Bei 1.jpg

Ming Dao, Cherrie Ying, Evonne Lin, and Zhang Meng for Love Godfathers. Ex-girlfriends club? Watch out, Ming Dao! Evonne looks lovely, but the chest design always worries me!

 photo Bei 45.jpg

 photo Bei 47.jpg

 photo Bei 46.jpg

Tony Yang also walks for his other movie, Devils at the 18th Floor. He looks like a magician! And I want to pick that rose. πŸ™‚

 photo Bei 44.jpg

 photo Bei 43.jpg

He Jiong arrives with his wagon of fresh, young faces for his directorial debut, Forever Young, starring male lead Li Yi Feng (absent at the event), female lead Zhang Hui Wen, Jiang Jin Fu, and Leon Zhang Yun Long. Funny how they divide the standing position – tall guys to the side. Poor Leon!

 photo Bei 49.jpg

His army of newbies! =D

 photo Bei 52.jpg

 photo Bei 53.jpg

 photo Bei 55.jpg

 photo Bei 54.jpg

The next debuting director is our beloved Wu Ah Ge – Alec Su, here with his own wagon of youngins for The Left Ear. Aww, Yang Yang is busy filming so he’s not there. Other costars included male lead Oho Ou Hao, female lead Chen Dou Ling, Hu Xia, Bowen Duan, Sandra Ma Si Chun, and Traey Miley.

 photo Bei 57.jpg.

 photo Bei 58.jpg

 photo Bei 66.jpg

Poor Alec, no one is there to hold his hand! Could have asked Vicki to tag along! She’s your MV singer!

 photo Bei 56.jpg

Ariel Lin, Chen Xiao, and Kara Hui for The Mysterious Family. Lol. They are busy! Just attended a press conference yesterday. πŸ™‚

 photo Bei 9.jpg

This white dress fits Ariel better but I don’t like it….

 photo Bei 15.jpg

 photo Bei 10.jpg

 photo Bei 11.jpg

Finally a smile from Mr. Chen!

 photo Bei 12.jpg


 photo Bei 13.jpg

Joe Cheng, Wang Li Kun, and Kim Bum here for their movie The Rebirth of Love. My, my, my! Our Bummie looks tiny next to Joe, one of the rare tall Taiwanese actors that we know. XD

 photo Bei 21.jpg

 photo Bei 16.jpg

 photo Bei 18.jpg

 photo Bei 17.jpg

I hope someone is watching out for Wang Li Kun. She can’t even see the steps!

 photo Bei 19.jpg

Mark Zhao and Ni Ni for Warrior’s Gate. Thanks heaven, she has on red….

 photo Bei 39.jpg

 photo Bei 38.jpg

 photo Bei 40.jpg

Janine Chang and Peter Ho looking ridiculously adorable on the red carpet with their movie dog for Love Me Love My Dog. Are they trying to kill me with the CUTE?!!

 photo Bei 31.jpg

Doggie has no time for posing! πŸ˜›

 photo Bei 36.jpg

Looking good, you two. πŸ˜‰

 photo Bei 35.jpg

 photo Bei 30.jpg

 photo Bei 32.jpg

 photo Bei 33.jpg

Aww, must be lonely to walk alone. Song Seung Hun walks for his movie The Third Way of Love. His female lead – Liu Yi Fei wasn’t available because her movie with Kris Wu started filming.

 photo Bei 29.jpg

 photo Bei 34.jpg

 photo Bei 37.jpg

Wallace Huo looking a bit unprepared whenever the camera flashes. Lol. He’s there with Shi Yu Fei for Honey Enemy. Korean Actor Kwon Sang Woo and Zhang Yu Qi weren’t there. Yu Fei must like split-thigh dresses because she walked earlier in white! Wallace plays a wishy-washy guy who successfully woos the top match-maker around, but at the end of the day, is she the one for him?

 photo 6732f94e-9543-4d17-a53e-747bc79266ff.jpg

 photo Bei 50.jpg

 photo Bei 51.jpg

Vic Zhou and Wang Luo Dang appearing just because….why not? Luo Dang looks stunning in that sleek black dress!!

 photo 86119ec9-2d7f-4e51-9a0e-76ce556a3651.jpg

 photo Bei 28.jpg

 photo Bei 23.jpg

 photo Bei 22.jpg

 photo Bei 26.jpg

 photo Bei 25.jpg

Myolie Wu
with Korean singer The One.

 photo Bei 65.jpg

 photo Bei 64.jpg

No standout dress for me but I do like what Janine and Wang Luo Dan wore.

Source: Sina, Sohu, Xinhua, News.CN, mtime

  1. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    LOL. The gal in black is trying to do an angelie jolie leg pose and failing badly.

  2. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    ^ don’t blame the poor girl, who wouldn’t want to pose like angelie? lols.

    aww zhao li ying didn’t come, someone must be sad. πŸ˜› and so are many of the younger generation actors.

    i like the second dress on chen qiao en too, the first one is too bridal.

    that dog is soooooo cute with the couple!! they are holding hands!!

    • 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

      Yea, I was disappointed when she couldn’t come… But then Kimi didn’t go either and they are in the same movie.

  3. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    I like Joe’s second dress too, but for different reason. I think the first one kind of points out the fact that she has longer torso than legs. Whereas in the second dress makes her legs look long and the color compliments her complexion.

    Out of the photos above, I like Ni Ni best. Did Chen Xiao put his tie behind the collars? I think it looks great! Not conventional but still strikes me as somehow classic.

    • 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

      Not a tie expert but I noticed the difference and it looks great and like you said, somehow classic. πŸ™‚

    • 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

      I’m with you lenje, I choose Ni Ni’s dress as best from what I can see then Janine’s halter dress comes second.

      As for the men, Peter wins hands down. πŸ˜€ I like men well groomed and fitted in their suits. Second is none other than Song Seung Hun.

  4. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    Peter and Janine and the dog! That’s a beautiful family shot there. πŸ˜‰

    Ni Ni looks stunning in red. Not sure I like the material as it looks rather cheap, but the color on her is lovely. Wang Li Kun’s ensemble looks like she’s going to prom. Still pretty though.

    Song Seung Hun. <3 Classic.

  5. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    I feel like most celebrities only look beautiful when they’re doing photoshoots with all that photoshop, but Chen Xiao is really hot irl too. THAT FACE, man.

  6. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    Love Janines dress, very spotty and not plain. Peter looks like a winner!! Lol.


  7. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    Prettiessssss~ x3 I love eyecandy posts xD

    Agree, Qiao En’s second dress looks way better. The first one has terribly structured bottom and makes her look way shorter.

    The newbies are so cute! <3

    Chen Xiao is glaring in most of his pics. xD Does he want another villain role?
    Ariel's dress looks a lot better in action and in fullview.

    Wang Li Kun looks so pretty! I'm not sure how her dress works, but it looks pretty cool in action.

    Ni ni is gorgeous but I'm not a fan of those kinds of dresses. :/


    Wang luo dan stands out with her low-key makeup & hairstyle and simple but sleek dress. Dayum, I wish I had her figure xD

  8. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    You’re so right, chasingpolaris! It’s the perfect family photo!! They look comfortable and at ease.

    TT, he’s one dashing young man. Photoshoots have photoshop! Lol. πŸ˜›

    Angela, the colors of the spots are cute. I like it mucho!

    V, I would like to see him in another villain role but that might take a while. He just confirmed the modern drama with Yuan Shan Shan for Yumama….

    2 of F4 meeting at the festival. Lol, Janine is like I need to get in this frame! πŸ™‚

  9. 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

    Peter Ho and Janine do look incredibly cute and comfortable with each other. They just have that chemistry even when they are just walking down the red carpet. Love that they are paired together again. They are the only ones on the red carpet that actually look friendly with each other.

    Any ideas as to why Myolie and The One are walking the red carpet together?. I don’t think myolie is a singer.

    Does anyone else think that Vic is starting to look like an old man. Either that or his stylist is failing him. I mean older guys like nicky wu and wallace chung still look dashing but vic has been looking less suave.

    Am I the only who likes Chen Qiao En’s first dress? If I had to choose I won’t choose either of them but I dislike the color of the second dress.

    The cast of Left Ear looks like 20-30 years younger than all the other cast in other movies.

    Never really liked Joe Cheng, but he looks so tall compared to Kim Bum.

    I miss Ming Dao, please air Sunny Happiness asap

    NiNi looks the best with her vibrant dress.

    So far I am planning to watch Left Ear, Rebirth of Love, Mysterious Family and Love Me Love My Dog.

    • 14 thoughts on “5th Beijing International Film Festival

      They walk like they are the main stars such confidence and ease indeed. I like that they are holding hands. πŸ˜‰

      Vic is rarely caught nice on camera even though he is one handsome man. Very awkward in photos!

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