Entrepreneurial Age’s Official Trailer: Huang Xuan’s journey from nobody to somebody

I confess that I rarely finish a trailer for a modern Cdrama but I sat through it for Entrepreneurial Age, surprisingly not dog-blood and looks pretty good with plenty of close-up shots and wide-shots for background and beautiful scenery. Huang Xuan cleans up well in his successful days and Angelababy looks perfect in all her own scenes. Zhou Yi Wei has hair here, lol, opposite from his down-and-dirty look in Tribes, and he’s paired up with Song Yi. Waiting for crackling chemistry from both pairings!

Merry Christmas to all! ♥♥♥

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Fans and Reporters visit fancy sets of Huang Xuan’s Entrepreneurial Age

The production welcomes fans and reporters on set and everyone is dressed to the nine. Lol. Maybe this is a gala when their characters have made it big in the industry. Based on a novel, Entrepreneurial Age (创业时代) begins with our hero in the role of a software engineer, inspired by a new idea of a mobile app to send voice messages. He sets out to make it big with this small idea, getting investors and funding, and meeting our heroine who is an investor analyst. Thus begins the story of young people working hard, overcoming obstacles, and achieving their dreams.

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Na Ying sings for Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei’s Once Upon A Time OST

First song is out for the movie adaptation of Tang Qi’s novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms! The movie is called Once Upon A Time with Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei as leads depicting a love story that spans three lifetimes for them to finally get together.

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Shawn Dou interviews: “[Zhao] Li Ying invited me to play Yan Xun.”

Awww. Saw this interview yesterday and I cheered so hard! Li Ying has an eye for picking actors, inviting Shawn to play Yan Xun in Princess Agents. Shawn fits the role perfectly. Just so cute how they thought of each other at the same time. Fans are still trying to figure how they know each other, might be through mutual friend, Zhou Dong Yu, they guess. *eyes in heart* This must be before he shot Tribes and Empire since he said he never filmed a period drama before. Please reunite you two, to cure my broken heart. Drama gods!

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Interviews with the Crew of Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Time to check back in with the epic historical fantasy drama Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (九州海上牧云记). In the past few months, they have been releasing stills and some BTS videos with interviews with the cast and crew. Again, a lot of work and thought and effort were spent so hopefully this summer will be the green light for Prophecy.

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Han Han leads Snarky Family in Duckweed’s Animated Posters

Lol. I was gonna say three (father Eddie Peng, mother Zhao Li Ying, son Deng Chao) but writer and director Han Han is equally snarky in his weibo posts, especially targeting our Li Ying for her sharp words against every now and then. XD Such a cute man. I’m still amazed how close this cast is despite filming for about a month-ish. Imagine if they spent 3-4 months like shooting for a full-length drama! BFFs? Some translation, plus new stills and posters after the jump.

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Celebrity Interviews 6


Let’s see what we have this week: Suzy’s reply to Yeo Jin Gu’s love call; the cast of Equator Man discusses about the ending; Daniel Choi is attracted to Lim Chang Jung in a bloody, melodramatic way; Kang Ji Hwan gifts flowers to his supporters on the street. Alluring week!

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Celebrity Interviews 5 – Hottest Stars Now


SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEE! This is Yeo Jin Goo (’97er) and Kim Yoo Jung (’99) four years ago in Iljimae. They’re definitely gonna be the Nation’s Couple in a few years. Add the young Lee Min Ho to the basket, and it’s another epic love triangle. One thing is for sure, prepare to get your heart broken folks. 😀

I haven’t done this feature in a while so here are some interviews in the past month!

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