Celebrity Interviews 6


Let’s see what we have this week: Suzy’s reply to Yeo Jin Gu’s love call; the cast of Equator Man discusses about the ending; Daniel Choi is attracted to Lim Chang Jung in a bloody, melodramatic way; Kang Ji Hwan gifts flowers to his supporters on the street. Alluring week!

Suzy_(new) by ACshow21

Suzy is the hit girl nowadays. I’m not sure when her popularity soared. After Dream High? I like her, she’s humble and sweet in nature so all the hate on the girl at Allkpop is unnecessary. Blame the media for generating articles about her constantly, (whether she names a guy, feeds a member, takes a picture, breaks a nail, basically everything), but don’t put your hate on the girl. Relax, go watch a movie or something. Hating is not cute nor pretty. 😉

Equator Man by ACshow21

Lee Bo Young would like a guy mixed with Uhm Tae Woong’s humor and Lee Joon Hyuk’s style. ha! After appearing on 1D2N, it has centainly opened the force behind Uhm Tae Woong’s attraction. He turns out to be a total skinship guy.

Interviewer: “What strengths does Lee Joon Hyuk possess?”
Uhm Tae Woong: “He’s young….”
Interviewer: “Can you wait for a woman for 13 years?”
Uhm Tae Woong: “I think it’s possible….for a guy like me.” 😛

On a sadder note, Lee Joon Hyuk is leaving for his mandatory 2-year enlistment this month. Here’s a sweet picture to tide you guys over for the next 24 months. Yesh, a bouquet for you, you, and you! What? You don’t like sharing? At least you have a flower, I’m only the delivery girl! Abs come later. You’re too early.


Dark roles are compelling Hyukkie, but let’s target a rom-com for your comeback drama? 😀

Lim Chang Jung wants folks to hook Daniel with a girlfriend. Did he not see the line? It’s sad Daniel only has a brief appearance in Ghost.

KJHwan by ACshow21

– I haven’t seen Kang Ji Hwan in a very long time so his gentle voice totally romanced my ears. Isn’t it sweet that he bought flowers for his fans? But two bags is a joke, Hwannie! I like the way he gives hugs, wide outstretched arms is sincere. It’s adorable seeing a young student PLEADINGLY pays for his afternoon tea. Being a gentleman, he just can’t let her go, and thus bought tea cups for her and her friend.

The impish interviewer asks, “Who’s prettier? Sung Yuri or Kim Ha Neul?” I like how his answer is humorous and supportive of his current co-star, “Since Kim Ha Neul is filming with Jang Dong Gun, it’s Yuri of course!”

Kang Ji Hwan is also looking for a “date” ladies. Where’s Yoon Eun Hye at (I’m still hopelessly vying for her appearance on Running Man)? As for Sung Yuri, I have a different person in mind for her. You shall not probe me into revealing his name. NOPE!

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    lol Thank you Alice, I really enjoyed the witty comments. And yes, I’m also eagerly waiting for the return of KJH in a romantic comedy drama. He is great at cracking jokes.

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    Hahaha… you revealed his pix instead…

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    Doggoneit, missed KJH’s interview by a punch. Darn broadcast station blocked it in a snap of the fingers. I swear, there is a person who is hired at KBS just to filter clips on YT, well, from 9-5 that is. I know you are reading this comment box right now, you there, drop the kimbap, and take the week off. =P

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    ha! Chubee, I’m flattered, I’ve been told I’m boringgggg! Hence, you guys shy away….

    Jane, I needed an excuse to post that picture. His smile dazzles me. =D


    Keane, you can’t watch the video? GAHH It got blocked! Let me reupload somewhere else. BRB.

    Okay done! I’m heading to bed now… if the videos are pixelated. Turn off HQ, Standard quality is the same. 🙂

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    I like the comments too! So like Suzy plays Han Gain’s younger self in the movie? Surprisingly (to me) the age difference between Suzy and Ga In is bigger than UTW and Lee Je Hoon (12 yrs as opposed to 10 yrs). So like Suzy will grow up to be Gain in 12 years? They should have put a mole on her nose too. hehe.

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    Can I ask something technical here?
    I’m having problem watching all videos except the one with Lim Cang Jung & Daniel Choi.
    All unaccessible videos shown same error msg, I need to upgrade my Flash Player.
    When I check my Android phone, I’m already using the latest update of Flash Player 11.
    I try to refresh the page but still same result.
    Anyone can help?

    I can’t try on pc yet, it’s under repair.

    Btw, I notice the only video I can watch (mentioned above) is .avi version.
    What type are the others?

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      I’m unsure what problems you’re having. Daniel Choi video is the only one uploaded at youtube (the other videos were deleted so I uploaded them to dailymotion instead). Since all of them are from the same avi file, they’re all naturally avi.

      The videos stream fine on my computer. I think the issues is with Dailymotion on your phone. Have you tried watching random videos from dailymotion to see if the problem persists?

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        I don’t have any issue with embedded video before.
        Just now, i open vid directly from YT app, i can only hear the audio and the screen is pitch black *sigh*
        When I try dailymotion sites, only white screen shown *pulling my hair*

        Well, I guess I have to visit Customer Care.
        Ah……there goes my weekend T___T
        Thank you for the quick respond Kap *thumbs up*

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        Don’t let a small issue ruin your potentially amazing weekend, Wewe!

        Good luck with your pc and phone!

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