First Impression: The Crowned Clown Episodes 1 – 8 “Yeo Jin Goo vs Yeo Jin Goo.”

Hope everyone had a great new year! My parents decided to spend New Year in California, far, far away from their kids and home. It was really quiet without my mom’s laughter. So I decided to watch a Korean drama…. The Crowned Clown with Yeo Jin Goo playing a crazy King who is paranoid of his enemies and so he finds a clown who looks exactly like himself and places him on the throne. Who would have thought Yeo Jin Goo will one day steals his own thunder. Lol. What a powerhouse actor he is and I sat there marathoning the first half of the series, shocked at the ending of episode 8!

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Yeo Jin Goo smacks lips with noona Ha Yeon Soo

 photo 50151276.jpg

How’s that title for your Friday’s wake up call? 😛

Dude, he’s totally trying to get her behind bars or something. 😉 Our resident jailbait, Mr. Yeo, recently shares a gentle kiss with his baby-faced noona, Ha Yeon Soo, in their sitcom Potato Star. And it’s not those fish-eyed stone kiss. Open mouths and turning necks! In real life, she’s 7 years his senior but the girl could pass for a teenager. Her small face and his voice (+ features) help a lot to minimize their age difference onscreen. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

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Caught in an Epic Love Triangle of 2012: Yeo Jin Goo

What awards shows? Who won what? Sorry, I didn’t pay attention because after this segment popped up, I kinda lost my mind and just went SQUEEEEE all the way. So frickin’ cute!

THIS clip, I could rewind and rewatch X more times. Watch before it gets deleted!

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Celebrity Interviews 5 – Hottest Stars Now


SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEE! This is Yeo Jin Goo (’97er) and Kim Yoo Jung (’99) four years ago in Iljimae. They’re definitely gonna be the Nation’s Couple in a few years. Add the young Lee Min Ho to the basket, and it’s another epic love triangle. One thing is for sure, prepare to get your heart broken folks. 😀

I haven’t done this feature in a while so here are some interviews in the past month!

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F4 from “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” modeled for High Cut

Well, well. Will you just look at them? The four youngins (Lee Min Ho, Yeo Jin Goo, Siwan, and Lee Won Gun) from the latest saguek hit The Moon that Embraces the Sun have stripped their hanboks and put on modern garbs to be presented as your next generation of flower boys. So cute!

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